• Which Social Media Sites Drive Most Conversions?

    Holy mackerel! Shopify just analyzed 37 million social media visits that resulted in more than half a million conversions. And they’ve produced ... Read Article

    The Number One Cause of Checkout Abandonment

    What is the single most common question asked by online shoppers before they actually make a purchase? The answer is, ‘What are ... Read Article

    Jay Weintraub Named to Datalot Board of Directors

    Press Release Founder and CEO of LeadsCon joins board of rapidly growing company that is transforming the way online consumers connect with ... Read Article

    Retargeting Will Transform Mobile Marketing in 2013

    The hurdles were high but now – for the first time – mobile retargeting on a global scale has become a reality. ... Read Article

    Retail Publisher Strategy: Making The Leap to CPA & Lead-Gen

    Many publishers promoting retail advertisers on a cost-per-sale basis are hesitant to move to the “other side” and promote customer acquisition or ... Read Article

    The Future Is Bright for Digital CPS

    Affiliate marketing is in a constant state of flux and with the recent changes in the CPA space it is easy to ... Read Article

    Q&A with LinkConnector on Event and Cookie Attribution

    How does a merchant decide to apportion the credit for a sale? Should the commission be paid to the last affiliate who ... Read Article

    Bigpoint Engages DirectTrack for Increased Analytics and Innovative Technology

      Press Release: DirectTrack powers the Bigpoint affiliate program. PITTSBURGH – July 10, 2012 – Direct Response Technologies, a leading provider of ... Read Article

    Facebook Mobile Ads Delivering $10 eCPM

    TBG Digital reports that Facebook’s mobile-only Sponsored Stories ad format is getting 1.14% CTR, $0.86 CPC and $9.86 eCPM. Those figures represent ... Read Article

    Finally! A Simple Guide To Conversion Rate Optimization

    The difference between success and failure in many campaigns these days comes down to how well the conversion process has been optimized. ... Read Article

    Facebook Ads: Not Cheap, Not Effective

    The average click-through rate (CTR) on Facebook ads is half that of an average ad banner and about 8 times less than ... Read Article

    Every Country In The World Ranked By Facebook CPC Cost

    For many offers the really big opportunities for affiliates lie overseas and Facebook is perhaps the simplest and most accessible way to ... Read Article

    Sponsormob and RingRevenue Launch Mobile Click-to-Call in the US

    Summary: Germany-based mobile solutions provider Sponsormob partners with RingRevenue to provide Click-to-Call advertising opportunities on mobile in the United States

    Infographic Of The Week: Are You Running Enough Tests?

    We all love a good infographic so in the first of a regular series we bring you our Infographic Of The Week: ... Read Article

    Twitter Scales Advertising Fast

    Twitter's chief revenue officer revealed this week that Twitter now has more than 800 employees and over 2,400 advertisers. Adam Bain wouldn't ... Read Article
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