As the year comes to a close, the Perform[cb] team is taking a moment to reflect on the tools and technology that helped our marketers and affiliates achieve outstanding results in 2021. The CPA marketing industry is constantly evolving, so of course, we must do the same. With a ton of new features launched, our patented platform, PerformLEAP, is a virtual candy store where affiliate partners find new ways to monetize their traffic and our marketers’ offers. This year we were proud to announce the relaunch of our Marketer UI, the release of several new in-platform features for marketers and partners, plus the launch of our first mobile app, PerformLEAP Partners. Let’s take a look back at some of this year’s most exciting technology updates!

PerformLEAP Newsfeed

2021 kicked off with the release of the PerformLEAP Newsfeed. Designed to aggregate all offer alerts in one place, this addition to the Affiliate UI saves partners valuable time by cutting out the need for affiliates to check their inbox for updates. These alerts included a wide range of notifications from new offer launches and apply-to-run (ATR) approvals to offer pauses and budget updates. Located front and center on affiliates’ PerformLEAP dashboards next to their Daily Reports, this update played a major role in streamlining our partners’ workflows. Learn more about the efficiencies that the PerformLEAP News Feed has driven for our partners here. 

MMR Offer Automation

For too long, PerformLEAP’s Marketing Materials Required (MMR) offers required affiliate partners to undergo a manual multi-step application process; however, if you’re a Perform[cb] affiliate, you’ll know just how much our technology team loves automation. Enter: PerformLEAP’s Custom Creatives Submission feature. Using this new submission feature, MMR Offer Automation allows partners to apply and submit creatives for MMR offers in one simple step. Upon submission, affiliates will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours. Throughout the creative review process, affiliates can easily check their approval status within the Custom Creatives tab in their PerformLEAP dashboard. Check out this step-by-step tutorial to learn how you can get started today! 

Event-Specific Tracking

We all want more visibility into the activities that are driving consumers to convert, right? Perform[cb] knows that the more information we can provide to our marketers and affiliates, the better their campaigns, and ultimately results, will be. PerformLEAP’s Event Specific Offer Pixel Tracking does just that – allowing affiliates to take their pixel placement one step further and providing insight into exactly which action users convert on. By enabling partners to select which event they want the pixel to fire on, Event-Specific Tracking gives affiliates the ability to granularly track their performance from consumer to consumer. Affiliate partners who were already utilizing PerformLEAP’s Offer Pixel Level Tracking can take advantage of this new feature as well. We’ve found this especially helpful for those partners who run offers with marketers that have multiple conversion points they want to track. Don’t wait another minute – log in to start granularly tracking your campaigns now.

Marketer Dashboard Refresh

One of our most exciting in-platform focuses in 2021 was reimagining PerformLEAP’s Marketer Dashboard. The refreshed Marketer UI gives marketers the ability to access and customize their reporting to help them improve their campaign efficiency and performance in a flash. First and foremost, upon logging in marketers will notice a streamlined interface that features new reporting options and widgets. Front and center is the new Activity Feed that gives marketers easy access to their account manager, account balance, and a quick view into current offer updates. Although things may look different, marketers should note that this update should not impact their ongoing offer management.

In addition to a streamlined interface and user-friendly navigation, the reprised Marketer Dashboard includes granular analytics capabilities and reports at the offer, link, and partner levels. These newly released reporting features, specifically the Partner Reports, give marketers a comprehensive view of individual partner performance with metrics such as conversions, cost, and eCPA. The Partner Reports are inclusive of this data and more, but will not disclose individual affiliate information. For those marketers looking to drill down even further, ask our team about our enhanced marketer experience, PerformLEAP+. Not yet a marketer with Perform[cb]? Reach out now to learn about how you can leverage this technology and more.

PerformLEAP Partners Mobile App

Last but absolutely not least, our team was thrilled to launch our first mobile app, PerformLEAP Partners. Exclusive to approved Perform[cb] affiliates, this app literally puts the power of our patented platform into the palms of our partners. We are excited by the prospect of our partners being able to take their business anywhere and optimize their traffic anytime. With several new in-app features that cannot be found on the desktop UI, including Optimization Scores, custom curated offer groups, and more, this app was designed to take our affiliates’ businesses to the next level. After beta testing the app, one of our partners went so far as to say “Like my investment and banking apps that I check daily, I don’t see why this wouldn’t become the most important app that I use since it’s funding all the others.”

What else, you may ask? Fully integrated with Slack, partners are able to chat live with their affiliate manager in-app to ensure their offers are continually optimized for success. Affiliates also have the opportunity to customize their notifications preferences to include new offer launches, creative approvals, budget changes, and everything in between. Available for iOS and Android users – take your business on the go today! Not yet an affiliate with Perform[cb]? Apply now to gain access to PerformLEAP Partners and so much more.

All of this innovation would not be possible without the constant support of our marketers and affiliates. Given many of our in-platform features are inspired by their feedback, we are truly thankful for their continued partnership. Looking to the new year, we have some big plans to continue developing marketing technologies that consistently innovate the performance industry at large. Interested in keeping up with our latest and greatest? Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on our platform updates, new client launches, industry insights, best practices, and more!