MaxBounty’s new advertiser tracking platform is fast, scalable and ready for the enterprise

MaxBounty, a leading CPA network in performance marketing, recently launched their first advertiser tracking platform. This represents a major technology investment driven by a desire to provide class-leading client services and maintain industry leadership in the face of increased competition.

How will this new advertiser interface help MaxBounty to win in the marketplace, provide more value to their clients and bring new customers on board? We spent several days working with the new tracking platform and talking to MaxBounty’s leadership team to find out.


MaxBounty, a leading CPA network in performance marketing, recently launched their first advertiser tracking platform. This is a major technology investment and is driven by MaxBounty’s desire to maintain their industry leadership and provide the best client service possible. How will this new advertiser interface help MaxBounty to win in the marketplace, provide more value to their clients and bring new customers on board? We spent several days working with the new tracking platform and talking to MaxBounty’s leadership team to find out.

MaxBounty has been one of the top CPA networks worldwide for over a decade and a half. During that time many networks have come and gone, and the performance marketing industry has both grown and become much more professional. Through it all, MaxBounty has maintained a position of industry leadership. It’s not an exaggeration to say that they are probably the single most consistently successful CPA network. There are several reasons for this, notably the extensive industry experience of the leadership team, continued development of their custom network platform and a long-term focus on the quality of their customer service. MaxBounty has always ranked highly in the annual Blue Book survey, precisely because advertisers love the ease of campaign setup and administration. Their advertiser management team help to simplify the entire process. Recruitment, brand protection, reporting – everything is delivered to the advertiser, hassle-free.

A New Level Of Insight

The new advertiser tracking interface takes this advertiser service-focused model even further by providing clients with a reporting platform directly integrated with MaxBounty’s network platform. Using the same data and the same proven network infrastructure, it gives advertisers a completely new level of access to campaign insight and analysis. The leadership team at MaxBounty is excited about what the new platform offers to both existing advertisers and to newcomers to performance marketing. They emphasize that the new platform:

  • means your campaigns will be tracked in the same place they are being launched;
  • guarantees accurate, robust reporting;
  • offers the ability to break down campaign performance, affiliate, and track source stats;
  • provides insight and control over your campaign, its details, and its creatives.

We spent a few days using the new platform and can confirm that the early indications are that it could be a game-changer for many. Existing performance marketing advertisers may find that they no longer need a separate click-tracking solution, thus freeing up budget and personnel that can be invested in additional campaign growth. For advertisers new to affiliate marketing, the new interface means a simpler, faster and more cost-effective path to starting their first campaign, a potentially critically important benefit for those involved in already complex product launches.

The Advertiser Tracking Interface

The opening dashboard is clean and easy-to-use. A large “Trends” chart dominates the right-hand side of the screen, with the option of displaying overall campaign stats for clicks, leads and/or cost over a given time period, together with a list of key metrics for each of your individual campaigns. To the left is a panel with details of your account such as recent invoice amounts and dates. From the dashboard there are easy links to the main reporting sections of the interface: Campaigns and Reporting.

The Campaigns Page provides easy access to the details of all your individual campaigns, current and inactive or cancelled. This page’s purpose is two-fold: to provide advertisers quick insight into individual campaign performance, and to show them how their campaigns are being presented to MaxBounty’s affiliates. The latter is especially important because campaigns feature several elements that need to be regularly updated including landing pages and creative. This allows advertisers to see which landing page and creative versions are available to affiliates on the campaign page within the Affiliate Dashboard. This can be helpful when they decide they want to provide affiliates with new landing pages or creative and/or pull current ones. However, the ability to modify campaign elements is a feature that is not included, and this is by design. MaxBounty has spent the last two years talking to advertisers about what they want and need from a tracking interface. As CEO Matt McEvoy says, most want more insight and transparency combined with a high level of customer care:

We learned that advertisers want to be able to see what is happening but want us to be responsible for making changes and managing issues. The new interface offers our advertisers exceptional flexibility and reporting while ensuring their Account Managers are still responsible for more laborious tasks like managing campaigns and making on-the-go adjustments.

Moving on from Campaigns, the Reporting page is the heart of the advertiser tracking interface. This is where you can quickly and easily build reports that analyze campaigns on a deep, granular level, all the way down to individual affiliates, landing pages and even ad creatives. Want to see how an affiliate performed over multiple campaigns in a particular time window? You can view that with just a couple of clicks. Interested in understanding down to Sub-ID level where your leads are coming from and how they are converting? Again, it is quick and easy to find that out. Having spent time using the interface, what is most notable is the speed and the fact that it can all be done on the platform itself. There’s no need ever to download CSV files into a spreadsheet (though you can if you want) – just design your report, run it and you can see the results straight away. It’s flexible, well-designed and intuitive. The home Dashboard also includes links to an Invoices section which presents your entire account history with MaxBounty, as well as to the MaxBounty Blog and to a page where you can edit your account details.

A Comprehensive Advertiser Solution

In summary, MaxBounty’s new tracking interface is a comprehensive advertiser solution, providing rapid reporting using actual network campaign data, insight into which campaigns are working and why, and a genuinely useful overview dashboard. The platform is robust and intuitive – one of our testers described it as “enterprise-ready” – and we feel that it is going to provide compelling benefits to new performance marketers. Too often in the past we have seen brands give consideration to including affiliate marketing in their marketing strategy but be discouraged by perceived technology barriers. That objection no longer applies.

At the same time, the new interface makes life simpler for existing advertisers and gives them the opportunity to reduce their workload and overhead by discarding their click-tracking solution. MaxBounty’s new advertiser tracking interface provides a glimpse into the future of performance marketing, with simple on-boarding, high quality client services and stellar technology. They are to be applauded for raising the bar in terms of industry expectations, and we have no hesitation in recommending their network offering to advertisers for 2019.

Further Information

For more information about MaxBounty’s new advertiser tracking interface, or to start a conversation about advertising with MaxBounty please contact them at:


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