Every Country In The World Ranked By Facebook CPC Cost

Chris Trayhorn
by Chris Trayhorn
February 16, 2012

For many offers the really big opportunities for affiliates lie overseas and Facebook is perhaps the simplest and most accessible way to buy targeted traffic in these markets. Nanigans is a company that provides Facebook ad campaign management and this week they launched a new infographic that draws from 175 billion ads impressions managed by them in 2011.

Note that the size of the square is proportional to Facebook’s reach within the country, so you can get great penetration in the U.S., India, Turkey and Indonesia, for example. The color represents how expensive the CPC rates are for that country, with Sth Africa, Denmark and New Zealand heading the list. Mexico, India and the Philippines look like good value.


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Chris Trayhorn

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One Response to “Every Country In The World Ranked By Facebook CPC Cost”

  1. Wilbur Says:

    What a disappointing post: “Every Country In The World”… the chart you published was lacking quite a few countries… including the Guays… Uruguay and Paraguay.

    It would be interested to see the differences there… two countries close, but far away in many respects. One giving 100% of their school students a wifi connected laptop, but with very high technology costs and the other with an abundance of computers, cellphones and other high tech.

    But your chart gives no insight.

    Please I think if you refer to a company, it would be nice to link to them to keep us readers from wasting our time in the search engines.