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Berlin, 2nd of August 2017 – OLAmobile (, one of the mobile leading performance marketing platforms, is joining forces with IconPeak ( and its subsidiary BidderPlace ( to enlarge their footprint within the mobile performance marketing space. The only existing investor in both companies, MAKERS, the Berlin-based company builder which initially incubated IconPeak and BidderPlace together with Felipe Ogibowski and Gunnar Kämpgen in 2013 and 2015, sells its shares with a multiple of 50.

Antoine Moreau, CEO of OLAmobile: “With IconPeak and BidderPlace we acquire two of the fastest growing performance-based advertising networks in Europe. The growth trajectory of both companies has been highly impressive in the past years. Gunnar, Felipe and the rest of the teams have built two successful and profitable companies and we are now looking forward to join forces to become the global market leader in the mobile performance marketing space.”

Gunnar Kämpgen, Founder and CEO of IconPeak and BidderPlace: “OLAmobile’s great reputation, their existing infrastructure with many offices across the globe and their industry knowledge will allow us to fuel our growth in existing and new markets. With our complementary business models we look forward to leveraging synergies, increasing our revenues and building a very powerful platform in the mobile performance marketing industry.”

Friedrich A. Neuman, Founder and CEO of MAKERS adds: “We are very happy with these two exits after four years of close collaboration with the companies. IconPeak’s and BidderPlace’s acquisition proves that our hands-on approach and our focus on profitability pays off in the long-run. With OLAmobile we found the perfect strategic partner to bring IconPeak and BidderPlace to the next level in the advertising space. A big compliment to Gunnar, Felipe and both teams for bootstrapping and building two truly great companies.”

OLAmobile is taking over IconPeak and BidderPlace at just the right time. According to a study by IAB Europe, the IAB and IHS Markit, mobile advertising revenues increased by 60.5% to €63bn ($83bn) in 2016 from €39bn ($52bn) in 2015 and are expected to continue growing with the help of improving marketing technologies. This is also reflected in a shift in ad spendings. Budgets for digital media are rising while marketing spendings for traditional media such as TV, print and radio are decreasing significantly. According to eMarketer, mobile advertising spendings alone are going to account ⅓ of all ad spendings by 2020.

About OLAmobile

OLAmobile is a marketing technology group specialized in user acquisition focusing on CPA (Cost per Acquisition) and CPI (Cost per Install) mobile performance campaigns. Its platforms allow the promotion of mobile apps and mobile services, guaranteeing a higher profitability to advertisers by achieving a much larger sales volume and user engagement. OLAmobile’s technology makes use of performance-driven marketing algorithms that also increase mobile performance marketing profits for the publishers involved. The platforms combine reporting and campaign optimization capabilities to reach quality users and valuable leads, while assuring that advertisers only pay when they acquire a new customer, making it one of the most effective and profitable forms of advertising available to mobile apps and services. Headquartered in Luxembourg, the group was founded by Antoine Moreau in 2011. Besides Luxembourg, OLAmobile has offices in Portugal, Romania, Mexico and now in Germany. The group also has representatives in Israel and China. Currently OLAmobile has more than 100.000 publishers that are driving an average of 5 Billion clicks per month to mobile campaigns of more than 600 mobile advertisers worldwide. For more information, please visit:

About IconPeak

IconPeak (, the specialist in performance-based advertising, was founded in 2013 in Berlin by Gunnar Kämpgen and Felipe Ogibowski. Acting as an intermediary for publishers and app advertisers, IconPeak helps publishers monetize their ad space by promoting in-demand apps from over 500 partners of top app developers and advertisers, offering an inventory of exclusive campaigns. Advertisers benefit from premium placements throughout diverse channels and thereby grow their app’s user database and in-app engagement. The company currently employs over 30 people and works for clients in over 100 countries. In 2015, IconPeak was awarded with the “Fast 50 Rising Star” by Deloitte for the fastest growing tech startup in Germany.

About BidderPlace

BidderPlace ( brings together publishers and advertisers via a self-service model. Through this mobile performance marketing network, advertisers can launch campaigns in few easy steps and autonomously manage its success through the platform. Publishers get access to all open campaigns and run the preferred ones with their traffic sources, while tracking and optimizing every element of the campaign performance on their personal dashboard. The company was founded by Gunnar Kämpgen and Felipe Ogibowski in 2015, currently employs 15 people and works together with clients from over 30 countries. In 2016, BidderPlace was awarded with the “Fast 50 Rising Star” by Deloitte for the fastest growing tech startup in Germany.


MAKERS’ community of entrepreneurs, investors and experts helps digital innovators turn their vision into reality. The Berlin-based seed stage investor was founded by Friedrich A. Neuman and Marius Schulze in 2013. MAKERS helped building 10 companies across different industries. Across the platform, MAKERS startups employ more than 160 people from 25 countries. For more information, please visit:


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