Last week MaxBounty launched a collection of revenue sharing campaigns for the first time. The objective of this introduction is to evolve our network so that affiliates have new ways to earn, diversifying the methods available to make money when promoting offers with MaxBounty. The introduction of RevShare also opens the door for new and exciting advertisers, meaning we’ll be able to provide our affiliates with campaigns of products and services they’ve never seen before. These offers will be a permanent fixture of our network going forward, as our Business Development and Advertiser Account team work hard to continually launch new RevShare offers, just as we’ve always done with our CPA campaigns.

In case you’re unfamiliar with how these offers work, we’re going to break them down for you.

How RevShare Works

Revenue sharing guarantees that both parties (in this case the affiliate and the advertiser) receive a percentage of revenue. Any money an advertiser makes from the traffic an affiliate directs to a sale offer will then be shared with the affiliate. Rather than a CPA rate, each offer will have its own percentage of sale that determines how much an affiliate earns once a user has made a purchase.

Our Zaful clothing store RevShare campaign pays out 12% of sale. If an affiliate directs a user to this offer and they make a purchase consisting of clothing items that add up to $200, that affiliate will earn exactly 12% of their total purchase which would equal out to $24.

If they’re promoting our Neruo67 Brain Supplement campaign (45% per sale) and direct a user to the offer who then buys $100 worth of supplements, they’ll earn $45. Affiliates will receive a specific cut of every purchase that one of their leads generates.

RevShare Rewards Quality

If an affiliate sends traffic to an offer and those users are making large volume purchases, therefore making the advertiser significant money, they will be paid accordingly.

There are specific verticals where this type of model can be beneficial, and if you’re an affiliate who chooses to run these campaigns you’ll eventually learn where either CPA or RevShare is a better option. What type of offer you promote and how you intend to promote it will play a role in determining whether RevShare or CPA is more suitable. However, it’s important to keep in mind that one is not better than the other. The introduction of these campaigns to our network is meant to simply increase the types of offers and products at your disposal with MaxBounty, introducing an option to utilize new promotional tactics when running RevShare offers that might not be possible with CPA.

Log in or Sign up and click the RevShare banner at the top of the Affiliate Dashboard to begin running these new offers with MaxBounty.

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