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In today’s competitive performance marketing industry, understanding the best practices to set campaigns up for success in the call space is essential to scaling sales and engagement. Find out the top tips on how to leverage relationships to drive campaign growth and overall profitability. 

Research Is Critical When Looking For Publishers, And Social Media Is A Great Place To Start

When sourcing quality publishers, you need to make sure they are reputable and right for your business. Social media can be a great place to start your search for publishers, and it can be as simple as going onto social platforms, like Facebook or LinkedIn, and searching “pay per call.” Keep an eye on conversations and join discussions to start an early vetting process and get to know who is out there. 

When Searching For Publisher Partnerships, Ask The Right Questions

It’s extremely important, once you’ve gotten an idea of which publishers might benefit your campaign, to ask the right questions. These questions should be geared towards understanding what they offer, what type of calls they generate, and what verticals they are operating in. You also want to have clarity on their experience, including time spent in the industry, and knowledge of your audience, including targeting capabilities. Of course, understanding how they generate their calls is essential. If you’re looking for click-to-call inbounds from social, and they are running SMS, they may not be right for you.

Make Sure To Vet Your Publishers, Get Facetime, and Follow-Up

Pay-per-call is an exciting vertical, but it’s still fairly new and not everyone is on the same page, so it’s important to have certain vetting procedures in place so you know if you are working with an upstanding publisher who understands the importance of compliant campaigns. Four ways to feel confident about your publisher partnerships include:

  1. Get on a video call with any potential partners before you make any commitments. This allows you to speak face-to-face, and feel reassured it’s a legitimate opportunity.
  2. Ask for a script and call recordings. You can verify the script matches the actual calls, and get a sense of consumer engagement and the quality of their calls.
  3. Check out their landing pages, look over their creative and other campaigns, and call any listed phone numbers to verify they are legitimate and operational.
  4. After campaigns launch, make sure to listen to the calls. They should match your expectations and the parameters of the campaign. Like all campaign testing, listening to calls allows you to make adjustments as needed or terminate the campaign.

Needless to say, if a publisher is reluctant to be vetted, it’s a red flag. There are always other partnership opportunities, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Networks Offload The Heavy Lifting For Advertisers Looking To Drive Calls

Due to the immense time and effort involved for advertisers to source, vet, and grow quality publisher relationships on their own, many advertisers instead choose to partner with a large, well-reputed network like Digital Media Solutions to help broaden their reach and have a customized, scalable full-service approach. From a dedicated customer support team, to operationalized compliance and a proprietary ad distribution platform, partnering with DMS, recently named the #1 CPA Network by mThink, can offer reliability and scale for pay-per-call campaigns.

Are You An Advertiser Looking To Scale Your Inbound Call Campaigns?

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Are You A Publisher Looking To Drive Inbound Calls?

With significant experience in the pay-per-call industry, Digital Media Solutions (DMS) understands the value each publisher brings to our network and the advertisers the network supports. We offer multiple custom pay-per-call solutions, including consumer-generated calls, warm transfers, search-generated click-to-call, and SMS-generated calls. DMS boasts one of the most extensive offer sets in the industry, and we strive to provide unparalleled benefits and service to our publisher partners. Discover the benefits of working with one of the broadest publisher call networks in the industry. Signing up is simple! Click here and choose “Publisher” to apply to join our industry-leading network today.