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The Top 20 Rankings for 2017 are In

SAN FRANCISCO, CA; March 28, 2017 Clickbooth, recently recognized by mThink BLUE BOOK as the leading CPA network in the world, is winning the backing of advertisers for its innovation and technology, research has found.

Clickbooth, a performance-based marketing leader, utilizes a one-of-a-kind performance marketing exchange focused on Cost-Per-Action (CPA) and Cost-Per-Click (CPC) advertising. The Clickbooth Performance Exchange is part of a proactive technology strategy implemented over the last 18 months. The initiative has seen the expansion of Clickbooth’s software development center in Europe, the launch of a cutting-edge, AI-powered tracking platform, and ongoing investment in campaign optimization tools.

mThink, publisher of the BLUE BOOK, has recently completed a deep-dive into the survey results that support the BLUE BOOK awards. The responses show that the increase in enthusiasm for Clickbooth over the past 12 months was largely the result of advertisers excited by the results being produced by the Performance Exchange. The BLUE BOOK survey tallies the responses from more than 25,000 online advertisers, publishers and agencies worldwide, combined with expert views from a Blue Ribbon Panel of performance marketing industry experts.

Chris Trayhorn, CEO of mThink and publisher of the BLUE BOOK commented, “Clickbooth’s rapid growth over the last 12 months caught some by surprise and shows the power of innovation and technology to drive advertiser ROI, loyalty and brand awareness. The Clickbooth Performance Exchange provides real competitive advantage to both advertisers and publishers. It represents further evidence that in a rapidly changing marketplace, networks need to evolve or die.”

Erin Cigich, CEO of Clickbooth noted, “Clickbooth is honored to have been selected as the industry’s #1 CPA network.  As #1, we promise to continue our tireless efforts toward providing technology and solutions that maximize results for advertisers and affiliates.”

About mThink BLUE BOOK Top 20 

The BLUE BOOK Top 20 is a research project compiled and published by mThink. It is the only independent ranking of the best CPA and affiliate networks that is carried out on a annual basis. Based on an industry-wide survey of 25,000 merchants and publishers, backed up by a Blue-Ribbon Panel of 14 industry experts, the BLUE BOOK is the trusted guide for publishers and advertisers.