Ad Age’s Digital Conference has been running this week and one presentation in particular caught my eye. Lau Seng Lee from Tencent offered up seven key statistics on China’s online revolution:

– Every day, 164,000 new Chinese come online for the first time;
– There are more Apple iOS and Android users in China than there are in the USA;
– China has over half a Billion online users currently.

Laura Stampler gives more:
3. Approximately 1.3 billion hours are spent online every day in China. […]

5. There were 1.74 billion RMB ($276 million) in sales of virtual goods in China 2011.

6. People take social media seriously: He cited a negative review of a refrigerator that was retweeted 170 times.

7. About 370,000 people are playing mahjong online at any time.

As a performance marketer, and given that the US marketplace is pretty much saturated with offers and competition, it seems pretty clear that finding a Chinese-language partner should be the first thing on your agenda tomorrow.