Finding success in pay-per-call marketing requires a network to carefully screen lead or call sources for compliance; manage and optimize call flow in real-time; and employ diverse media and new technologies to ensure consistent call flow. Without these key attributes baked into the DNA of the network there will be failures that can cost significant amounts of money, or even worse, cause major legal issues. Aragon Advertising recommends focusing on 7 key areas.

Compliance is often touted by networks as an important asset, but many won’t put in the work to ensure the long-term viability of their client campaigns. Achieving effective compliance necessitates four main steps:

  1. Ensure all lead sources are TCPA compliant before they begin delivering calls to your campaign.
  2. Review all creative including call center scripts.
  3. Listen to call recordings to verify user intent and catch any issues proactively.
  4. Consistently check with clients that KPIs are met.

Call Delivery
While volume is great, and everyone loves to scale, pay-per-call campaigns should be built up slowly until all the moving parts are well aligned. If you scale up too quickly you may drop calls and hurt publisher EPCs. On the hand, if you are promise “x” number of calls but are then unable to deliver, call center employees will be sitting around doing nothing except eroding the client’s budget. Match traffic commitments with the number of available agents and everyone will be happy.

Call Flow Management
We view call flow management as an active function of pay-per-call. As call volume from a given source and agent availability at the relevant call center can both vary day-to-day and even hour-to-hour, it’s vital to keep both publisher and client happy by redirecting calls whenever necessary.

In the case of a client call center experiencing technical outages, there is a risk of dropping calls and losing conversions for your publishers. Always having overflow/back up call buyers available to help soften the blow of such an event is prudent.

Diversifying Media Mix
Working in the world of digital marketing has accustomed many of us to sourcing traffic from Google, Facebook, and display sources. Pay-per-call opens new opportunities by working with off-line channels such as radio and television. Pay-per-call inherently allows for greater diversity of traffic, with the associated benefits of increased reach and volume.

Lead-To-Call Automation
Aragon uses the latest technologies to nurture leads and induce them to convert into inbound calls with SMS, email and robo-dialing.  Machine learning technologies  are able to provide prospects with a conversational experience and easily schedule appointments for when they are available.  By avoiding intermediary call center agents and all the lost-in-translation confusion that can entail, Aragon has created a seamless transition from caller to company.

Consistency of Customer Experience
Throughout the customer journey from awareness to evaluation, and ultimately purchase, they are – consciously or subconsciously – looking for consistency in messaging that affirms they are on the right path. Consistency of customer experience is the basis of any successful brand and so it is important to get this right. One way to keep the customer journey as seamless as possible is to have the content in publisher advertisements aligned with the scripts used by the call center. If you can avoid confusion of the prospective customer, conversion rates will be higher and lead quality will be better.

The Team
Aragon prides itself on the strength of its team, claiming it as a competitive advantage: “it is what sets us apart and keeps us strong.” Employees should possess a deep and up-to-date understanding of and knowledge about the verticals and traffic channels being utilizing. This allows them then to be able to recommend the most effective traffic sources and help partners optimize creatives and lead funnels.  Aragon as a company focuses heavily on being driven and motivated to help partners succeed, and promotes this as the culture within the organization.

About Aragon Advertising
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