Top 5 Ways To Leverage CPA Campaigns During The Holiday Shopping Season

The holiday rush is almost here! Are your campaigns ready? The holiday season is highly competitive, and getting the edge on the competition with CPA campaigns can help scale engagement and revenue.

Ecommerce is forecasted to grow by “12.8% to 14.3%, year-over-year, during the 2022-2023 holiday season,” according to Deloitte, “reaching between $260 billion and $264 billion this season.” To make sure you are capitalizing on a brief window of opportunity, it’s important to hit the ground running by leveraging unique, fun, and effective creative and messaging, testing ahead of the major shopping holidays, and adopting audience-friendly trends when they are right for your brand. Position your campaigns for success during the holiday season by following the following five best practices.

#1. Holiday Campaigns Should Be Tested And Ready To Go Ahead Of The Holiday Rush

Just like personal holiday to-do lists, the sooner you start preparing, the more successful you’ll be. It’s essential to have your campaigns tested and ready to go in time for the holiday season so you’re ready for increased holiday traffic. You want to stay in front of the user with your campaigns, and should have testing and audience targeting (including messaging, creative and choosing the most effective platforms) completed by the end of October, so you’re ready to hit the next 6-8 weeks at full speed. 

#2. Creative And Content For Holiday Campaigns Should Be Compelling, Unique, And Appeal To Your Audiences At The Right Place And Time

Content and creative are key. Make sure your holiday campaigns are unique – don’t just send out the same ads that you normally do. For example, holiday ads should create urgency with holiday-specific promo codes, connection with holiday imagery, and clarity with clear CTAs. A browsing shopper should be both excited to make a purchase and easily able to click through and convert. One size doesn’t fit all, so it’s important to also consider the channel, platform, and audience when designing creative.

Additionally, it’s important to understand when certain creative content is most appealing. “Not all messaging throughout the holiday season is equal. In early November, you’re not going to want to do Christmas blowouts. But the last couple weeks before Christmas, you’re going to want to dial it up a little bit, and maybe the week before Christmas, you’re going to want to go all in. It’s literally the World Series of eCommerce, so bigger discounts, bigger promotions, and making sure the messaging and creative is really compelling,” explained Chris Pink, SVP of Sales at DMS.

#3. Lean Into Trending Consumer Outreach Methods, While Still Optimizing Proven Channels

The competition is fierce during the holiday season, so it’s important to stand out across platforms. When planning campaigns, consider outreach methods and channels, like video, that are capturing consumer attention, and you may be able to attract new customers and reach different audiences when and where they are shopping. And remember, video is more than just TikTok. Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram are major players during the holiday season and all year long. 

While emerging and trending digital channels are great, email is essential and reliable. It offers the opportunity for you to personalize your message for potential customers, re-engage prior shoppers and gain the attention of shoppers who are scrolling through their email looking for holiday deals. (Don’t forget to optimize your subject lines with time-sensitive offers, promotions, emojis, and discounts.) SMS, push and native content should also be considered, tested, and leveraged for the right campaigns at the right time. 

#4. CPA Campaigns Can Save You Money And Offer Predictable, Scaleable Results

With CPA campaigns, you only pay for the results you want, and you don’t waste money hoping for results that never materialize. During the holidays, a CPA campaign can drive predictable outcomes, and with a partner like DMS, advertisers and publishers are able to monetize and maximize their results during the holiday season.

“CPA campaigns are reliable and predictable compared to going out there with media spend with no real guarantee of generating sales. It’s a no-brainer. Even if you spend more during the busiest time of the season, it’s always going to be better than if you’re just going out there spending your own ad dollars,” explained Pink.

#5. Roll Right Into Q1 Enthusiastically! Keep Momentum Up While Inventory Is Less Expensive

Be prepared for post-holiday shoppers and opportunities in January. By hitting the ground running in Q1, you can capture new audiences, re-engage your holiday shoppers and save money since inventory can be much cheaper after the holidays. Tailored, “treat yourself” messaging heading into the new year, or creative that’s focused on resolutions and wellness, tend to resonate with audiences. Additionally, by partnering with DMS, your CPA campaigns can roll right from Q4 into the new year, be refreshed for relevancy, and continue to be effective, reaching audiences ready to buy. 

Want to learn more? Watch this DMS Live session, DMS Live: Setting Yourself Up For Success This Holiday Season With CPA Campaigns, featuring Amber Paul, DMS SVP of Distribution, and Chris Pink, DMS SVP of Sales.

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