The struggle to get visitors to your affiliate links on the long-term is real! Worry no more as we’ve come to your rescue with a list of the most important free methods that can increase your affiliate traffic. You can implement them by yourself at zero spent dollars and the results will last for the long run, if done right.

Maybe you already tried some of these activities and you know by now that getting organic traffic to your affiliate links is hard work, but it is worth it. Who knows, in this article you might find the traffic source that will skyrocket your target audience and will offer you the sale boom you craved for. 

Let’s see which are the best free traffic sources for affiliate marketing!

SEO (Organic Search)

SEO is #1 and the most powerful free traffic source on this list. Make sure your content is easy for search engines to discover and it will help you rank higher up on searches and drive more organic traffic to your affiliate offers. 

Each page should have a well written meta description, meta title, image alt tags, and H1/H2 tags. Research the keywords for your niche and affiliate offers and add a keyword per page that is relevant to your offers. Making sure it is in the title and content as naturally as possible, without keyword stuffing, can also help with searches. Also, work on achieving backlinks by getting your content shared on social media or other blogs and include internal and external links within your own content.

By using the Google search bar, you can find out how many other people are selling similar products. Google will instantly tell you how many results they have found and can help you improve the keywords you use to search engine optimize your site. High-quality content has massive traffic potential. Using keyword research tools, you can estimate the expected search volume for every target word you intend to use. Optimizing your web content to satisfy the search engine algorithm can help you get lots of lovely, free, targeted traffic.

Another important part of building your SEO is working on your backlink profile. This means the number of websites linking to your content, indicating that it is quality stuff and increasing the chances of it ranking in the Google results. One way of doing this is by writing guest posts for blogs and websites in your niche. Which takes us to the next point on the list.

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Guest Posts

Another great method for generating affiliate marketing traffic that has stood the test of time is guest blogging. Guest posts are a great way to get yourself out there and feature on some big sites.

Guest blogging can be done in two different ways. The first one is for you to guest blog on well-known sites that fit your niche. Reach out to them and offer great and relevant content, and if accepted onto other blogs it will expose you to a whole new audience. Make sure your profile and your byline link to your affiliate offers and your website. Your affiliate marketing content should be related to the guest blog and useful to the new potential readership. The earlier in the guest post you can place your link, the better. As the post goes on, fewer and fewer people will see it.

The other side to guest posting is to accept guest bloggers on your own website. Publish content from other writers and they will share and link their article, which will, in turn, expose your website (and affiliate offers) to new audiences. Not only will you get free direct traffic from people clicking on the links inside the guest post, but you will also gain backlinks that will boost your SEO to have your content ranking much easier in the search engines.

Social Media

Social media is one of the best and easiest free traffic sources for affiliate marketing. If your audience is spending time on social media, then you and your affiliate offers need to be there in any form possible: text posts, images, memes, stories, short videos, product reviews, etc.

Simply by maintaining an engaging presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms can increase organic traffic to your affiliate site. It’s important not to promote but to build relationships by answering questions and engaging with the community. If your content is noteworthy and engaging, you’ll easily be able to convince people to click on your links. Social media campaigns increase brand awareness and consumer motivation. Make sure your profile links back to your website and your affiliate offers.

Facebook pages and Facebook groups are also a free way to direct traffic to your affiliate website. Blogging on Facebook is free, and one of the best ways to reach some audiences. Younger demographics, though, are more likely to be found on TikTok or Instagram. 

YouTube is a great free traffic source for your affiliate business. Millions of people come here looking for inspiration, entertainment, and information every day making it the second largest search engine after Google. Uploading videos is free and you can prepare some of the formats that work best such as product reviews, how-to videos or unboxing popular items. The video’s description is the best place to include your affiliate links and keywords that will increase your chances to attract more free viewers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an amazing free traffic source for affiliate marketing offers. You first need to build a list, which you can do by providing a free offer – such as a report, e-book or webinar – and using a form to capture the email address (don’t forget to comply with GDPR for the EU market).

Want to promote a new offer or send an announcement? Now you have a powerful traffic source of your target audience at the click of a button. Just send them a blast.

Make sure you don’t forget to include your affiliate links in the email. For good effect, they can be included in the body text or in the signature. Of course, you can do both. Ideally, segment your emails so the appropriate affiliate links go to the right audience. Be careful to provide your recipients with useful, relevant content, not just promoting products, or they will unsubscribe, and you will lose them.


Often overlooked, Reddit can be used for more than just watching cute videos with animals or memes. It has proven to be a very useful source of passive traffic in affiliate marketers. You can make money with Reddit by sharing links to your websites in a way that is not intrusive or by spamming the other members.

The key for success here is first to become a valuable and trust-worthy member of the community by contributing to the group with posts and comments and be-friending moderators. The best content is upvoted by the users, meaning you get free promotion and a wider audience for your affiliate links.

Reddit works with subreddits, which are a forum or group for a certain niche. Find the subreddit that best fits your interest and join the conversations. To find a certain subreddit go to Connect with the community and once you are confident on your position, you can start sharing links to your website. 


Hopefully, you will succeed in your endeavors and at least one of the methods will prove effective for your niche. A mix of the activities would be ideal, but if you lack time and resources, focus on the one that has the best results and turns you into a successful affiliate. As a wrap up, here’s a summary of the benefits brought by each free source of affiliate marketing that we recommend.

SEO is one of the greatest free traffic sources for affiliate marketing. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, and it means that you optimize your content and website in such a way that your pages are visible in Google’s search results.

Writing guest posts is probably one of the best free traffic sources for affiliate marketing that you can do indefinitely. You can offer to write the article for free, if you can put a link pointing to your website in return. Not only will this strengthen your backlink profile with a link from a good website in your niche, but it will also act as a free traffic source of its own, by sending people your way that read your guest post and hit that link

Social media platforms can increase organic traffic to your affiliate site by simply maintaining an engaging presence. If your content is valuable and not spammy you’ll easily be able to convince people to click on your links.

Email marketing can be a very useful free traffic source. Start building an email list and send out weekly newsletters with built-in links to your affiliate site and other elements to promote your affiliate offers.

On Reddit you have an entire community at your finger for free. Simply gain their trust and they will support your business.