• Automate! 8 Coupon Feed Tools That Really Work

    Coupon feeds are a great way to make money but automating around them can be technically intimidating. There are lots of tools ... Read Article

    Cupid Media Expands Internationally with DirectTrack

    Press Release         PITTSBURGH – September 13, 2012 – Direct Response Technologies, a leading provider of global performance marketing ... Read Article

    The Lead Generation Marketplace Grows Up

    The lead generation industry has matured and is now reaching an inflection point. While some companies will fall by the wayside, it ... Read Article

    Let’s Call it ‘Anti-social’ Media

    I’m confused why we refer to this world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, MySpace, etc., as “social” media. From ... Read Article

    Daily Deals Dead? Or The Future Of The Industry?

    The former darling of the daily deals industry, Groupon, yesterday suffered a terrible day on the stock market, falling 6.5%. It is ... Read Article

    Facebook Mobile Ads Delivering $10 eCPM

    TBG Digital reports that Facebook’s mobile-only Sponsored Stories ad format is getting 1.14% CTR, $0.86 CPC and $9.86 eCPM. Those figures represent ... Read Article

    Finally! A Simple Guide To Conversion Rate Optimization

    The difference between success and failure in many campaigns these days comes down to how well the conversion process has been optimized. ... Read Article

    46% of Small Businesses Still Don't Have Websites

    Sponsored Partner Content It’s hard to believe, but true: A recent Ad-ology survey found that a whopping 46% of small businesses still ... Read Article

    80% Of Facebook Users Never Respond To Ads

    80% of Facebook users have never bought anything as a result of seeing an ad on the site. Reuters, who reported the ... Read Article

    Ad Budgets vs. Time Spent: The Metric That Means Opportunity

    I've been talking for three years about networks and publishers positioning themselves to take advantage of the shift online of audiences from ... Read Article

    Insane Mobile Ecosystem Revealed!

    The craziness of the mobile marketing ecosystem leaps out and grabs you by the throat in the latest update to Luma Partners' ... Read Article

    If This Doesn't Persuade You To Put Campaigns On Mobile, Nothing Will

    How massive is mobile? Absolutely huge. More than you even think. A new analyst report reveals that mobile devices have now achieved ... Read Article

    Facebook Mobile Ads To Increase Click-Thru 10x?

    Advertisers can finally reach Facebook's 425 million mobile users, in a format that has apparently tested as offering a 5-10x increase in ... Read Article

    Every Country In The World Ranked By Facebook CPC Cost

    For many offers the really big opportunities for affiliates lie overseas and Facebook is perhaps the simplest and most accessible way to ... Read Article

    Yahoo Jumping Big Into Affiliate Marketing?

    Is Yahoo planning on making a big new jump into affiliate marketing? A Wall St Journal report yesterday indicated that it just ... Read Article
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