As the producer of the Blue Ribbon Awards For Excellence In Performance Marketing, Revenue Performance is always looking for up-and-coming companies with new solutions to offer. Sponsormob is one that we have been hearing about a lot recently, so we got together with COO and co-founder, Jet Patel, to find out what makes Sponsormob so hot.

RP: Tell us a little about Sponsormob and how it got started.

JP: Sponsormob was founded by Peter Glaeser and me in 2006. We both had a strong background in performance marketing and we could see that mobile was going to offer huge opportunities. We launched Sponsormob as one of the very first CPA networks using mobile as a primary channel for companies wanting to include performance marketing in their mix.


RP: Sponsormob seems to be growing fast while some networks are struggling. What are you doing differently to other networks?

JP: What makes us unique is that we have our own proprietary
conversion tracking for mobile which is very transparent. Additionally, we have been able to successfully expand our services so that now we offer game and music download, mobile apps, lead generation, Click-to-Call, and Host-and-Post. This has enabled us to work with many different advertisers in all kinds of industries and verticals. The insight and breadth of experience gained gives us a head-start on our competitors, and allows us to find new opportunities and help our customers succeed.

RP: I know you are just launching new technology named Click-to-Call. Tell me about that.

JP: Click-to-Call has just launched! It enables us to provide a small mobile landing page with a call button where the user can directly call the advertiser. There is no integration required – all that is needed is a phone number – and so this allows us to start campaigns very quickly. In addition, we provide offline call centers to access users on “the-go”; this is potentially an entirely new revenue stream so we are very excited for our advertisers. So far, the results have been extremely promising and we expect this to be become a very important channel for us in the future.

RP: You are very focused on mobile. Why do you feel that the mobile space is especially suited to CPA advertising?

JP: With mobile traffic continuing to grow year-on-year and the increasing use of smart phones, the opportunity to target, interact and engage with the consumer has never been greater. The effectiveness of campaigns on mobile is remarkable. These trends are persuading more and more advertisers to make mobile an essential part of their overall marketing and sales strategy, and to use it not just for branding but also for performance marketing campaigns where it can make a real contribution to top-line sales.

RP: What’s your elevator pitch? If you only had 20 seconds to tell someone why they should work with Sponsormob, what would you say?

JP: We have uniquely powerful, proprietary technology that gives us the flexibility, speed and experience to work with any advertiser. Our solution provides true mobile-based performance-marketing with results that are unrivalled.

RP: What lies ahead for Sponsormob? What do you see as the next big opportunity?

JP: I believe that Click-To-Call, mobile apps and our Host-and-Post solution will be our main points of focus for the near future. We will continue to expand our services to even more countries and to provide advertisers with greater ROI. In the longer term, our ability to demonstrate the true value of performance in mobile advertising can only lead to new opportunities to help our advertisers succeed.