• 5 Mobile Marketing Tips that Work!

    Mobile internet usage overtook desktop traffic in 2014 when an estimated 1.8 million people started using smartphones and tablets as their primary ... Read Article

    Clickbooth’s Performance Exchange Review – Part 2

    The Performance Exchange offers improved publisher performance, increased scalability for smaller advertisers and better, more granular targeting. Most importantly, Clickbooth’s Link-ID technology ... Read Article

    Clickbooth’s Performance Exchange Review

    During the Blue Book survey we have seen reports of up to 25% increase in earnings from publishers using Clickbooth’s new platform, ... Read Article

    How Tequila Helps Business: ClickDealer's Event Strategy

    They say success comes with true passion to one’s craft. Rather than falling into the trap of endless cost optimization and cold ... Read Article

    How Affiliates Won It For Trump

    Strange but true: affiliates played a significant role in electing Donald Trump. With the launch of multiple “fake news” sites designed to ... Read Article

    What Trump Means For Affiliate Marketing

    CPA networks are going to boom, payday loans are coming back big league and your $ex life is going to be so ... Read Article

    The Holiday Shopping List for Affiliate Marketers

    With the busiest shopping season of the year quickly approaching, most advertisers and publishers are carefully crafting and implementing their holiday campaigns. ... Read Article

    Adam Weiss on Affiliate Marketing Best Practices

    Imagine a new advertiser coming to you to launch a new product. What’s the process between contract and launch? At Rakuten Marketing, ... Read Article

    Work with Industry Leader in Customer Acquisition

    Ready to maximize customer acquisition with optimized engagement strategies? Are you a brand manager or CMO trying to manage multiple online channels and struggling ... Read Article

    Interview with CEO Ronen Hamatian

    Sponsored Content Interview with CEO Ronen Hamatian Madrivo entered the Blue Book rankings with a bang this year. To what main factors ... Read Article

    Blue Ribbon Panel: Interview with Ricky Ahuja

    1. What did you learn from Affiliate Summit West? ASW was absolutely amazing this year. I was there on behalf of Click ... Read Article

    Blue Ribbon Panel: Interview with Melissa Feemster

    How is big data going to impact the performance marketing industry? Big data is going to drive the performance marketing industry forward and ... Read Article

    Blue Ribbon Panel: Interview with Jackie Bates

    1. What did you learn from ASW?  A couple of the many valuable ASW takeaways included meeting with members of  the Performance ... Read Article

    Welcome to the Jungle

    Are you a tiger? Or a gazelle? Hunter? Or Prey? I was chatting to someone at ASW about the hordes of newbie ... Read Article

    Blue Book Top 20 Networks Announced!

    The BLUE BOOK results are in. And while everything changes, some things remain the same. One constant: the 20,000+ industry professionals that ... Read Article
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