• Dietary Supplement Marketing and Earnings Claims Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

    Unsubstantiated marketing claims that exploit consumer anxiety amid the coronavirus pandemic are a top priority for private class action litigants and federal ... Read Article

    Affiliate Marketing in a Time of Coronavirus

    What Now For Affiliate Marketing? On the down side, consumer spending has gone through the floor. Travel, retail, entertainment and restaurants have ... Read Article

    No-BS Coronavirus Tips

    We read epidemiology reports so you don’t have to… There’s a lot of information on Covid-19 that doesn’t seem to get much ... Read Article

    FTC’s Assault on Paid-For Rankings, Ratings and Review Websites Continues

    The FTC’s Endorsement Guides provide that if there is a “material connection” between an endorser and an advertiser – in other words, ... Read Article

    Lead Generation Campaign Best Practices

    Lead generation campaigns can be incredibly beneficial for brands looking to boost customer acquisition and engagement. With U.S. spending on digital lead ... Read Article

    Black Hat vs White Hat & The Impact Of Compliance

    Interview with Matt McEvoy MaxBounty’s CEO, Matt McEvoy is one of the smartest people in the affiliate marketing industry. He has been ... Read Article

    3 Advertisers: Why Network Transparency Is Everything That Matters

    Online lead generation is a tough, complicated business, especially as an advertiser. Media costs have been steadily rising, compliance has become more ... Read Article

    What Digital Marketers Need to Know About Contractual Limitation of Liability Clauses

    In one form or another, limitation of liability clauses are almost always in digital marketing contracts.  They typically attempt to exclude certain ... Read Article

    9 Tips About Listicles For Digital Marketers

    The internet has thousands, possibly millions, of listicles about cats. In fact, a quick search reveals “17 Cats Who Look Like Madonna” ... Read Article

    4 Publishers Talk Success, Networks & The Importance Of Trust

    It is that time of year again, when the leaves start to go red and gold in New England, the sun in ... Read Article

    The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Performance Marketing’s Future

    Present in nearly every industry, artificial intelligence (AI) has begun to transform the landscape of performance marketing. As one of the most ... Read Article

    Augmenting your Tech Stack thru Affiliate

    Augmenting your Tech Stack thru Affiliate Non traditional publishers are enabling  Brands & Retailers to test new types of conversion & optimization ... Read Article

    California’s New Data Broker Registration Law

    If compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act isn’t enough to fill marketers’ compliance plates, California Governor Gavin Newsome has signed a ... Read Article

    Increasing Transparency in Lead Gen through Affiliate Marketing

    Leveraging the affiliate marketing system for lead generation is a highly successful technique for many a marketer in the digital space. But ... Read Article

    Why Browser Extensions are Flying Under the Radar

    Browser extensions, historically known as toolbars, are a great way for affiliates to earn a high payday by simply sending users to ... Read Article
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