We believe that this is a time to be looking forward, so we are asking industry leaders for their thoughts on what lies ahead. Today, the always interesting Gus Brito, director of marketing at Flexoffers.com:

In the short term as people stay home and are not able to go shopping, online sales could go up for some verticals, especially for those with consumable delivery services, But manufacturing, delivery services and order fulfillment might be impacted with the spread of the virus and people trying to avoid human contact with others, manufacturing shortages could lead to partial distribution shutdowns.

While it’s true that people stuck at home will generate more web traffic, not all verticals will benefit from it, some will see huge declines or stop working at all.

The affiliate marketing industry should do what we know how to do best: identify the latest traffic trends and change our marketing focus and strategies based on the current demand. If the recession hits, people will lose their jobs, this could create a work from home and make money online opportunity.

Work from home and make money online opens up new traffic trends, so we must think, what would people need? What are the essentials to make it happen?