cb_LEAP_logo_DARK_TAGLINE_mThink_200x200May 4, 2015, Sarasota, FL. Clickbooth, the industry leading performance network, announces the release of cb:Leap (Link Enabled Affiliate Platform). cb:Leap is a patent-pending, revolutionary platform that will change the industry in ways some thought unimaginable. By allowing advertisers to purchase quality traffic at a scale they can manage and offering affiliates the ability to pull and run a single link (continuously optimized by their proprietary algorithm), there is no question that the platform will revolutionize the affiliate marketing industry.

CEO Erin Cigich explains why cb:Leap is the next step for Clickbooth:

“In the past 18 months, Clickbooth has experienced record growth, allowing us to continue to invest into the future of performance marketing. The features and capabilities of this system were designed directly from client feedback and Clickbooth’s 12+ years of experience. The industry has been dealing with issues of scale and value for too long; someone had to step up and solve them and I think our team did. We’re really excited about this product and where it will take our clients’ businesses.”

In Beta stage, the exclusive invite only platform will ensure quality traffic to its advertisers through Clickbooth’s aggressive affiliate review process. cb:Leap’s proprietary, patent-pending algorithm and advertiser interface allows advertisers to access TRUE value-based pricing on both the affiliate and consumer level. The objective system also promotes transparency so that advertisers can see how affiliates are performing for their competition and see exactly what is required to earn traffic.

cb:Leap’s system allows affiliates to have 100% ad fill and eliminate cap management, putting a stop to endless testing of offers and swapping of links. Affiliates will pull only one link, all of which are optimized based on traffic quality, and have every single click reach the campaign that will yield the highest EPCs.

Advertisers will compete to win top traffic and affiliates will be rewarded in real-time, based solely on their traffic performance.

Dzenis Softic, CTO of Clickbooth explains, “cb:Leap is the first platform that cares about both affiliates and advertisers. cb:Leap is using advanced technology to crunch through tons of data, analyze it and then match each visitor with their perfect campaign. This process maximizes value for both affiliates and advertisers.”

Clickbooth continues to be the industry leader and this unparalleled “leap” in the performance marketing industry comes from Clickbooth’s technology insights and robust base of high quality affiliates and advertisers.

Advertisers, are you ready to gain access to the ONLY true value-based pricing platform and gain infinite scaling abilities?

Affiliates, cap management is a thing of the past! Increase performance and never switch links again!!!
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