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Clickbooth LogoNetwork Affiliates now get rewards for running traffic with new cb:Rewards Program

SARASOTA, Florida (March 3, 2014) – Clickbooth, the leading performance-based online marketing company, has announced the launch of cb:Rewards, a unique bonus program that will reward Affiliates for running traffic through the Clickbooth Network with a wide variety of premium gifts. The cb:Rewards program is the first of its kind in the performance marketing industry, allowing Affiliates of all levels to earn points on an ongoing basis for the volume they are already doing through the network each day. Unlike other industry contests and giveaways, cb:Rewards is not vertical specific, all Affiliates are eligible and points will accumulate for a full 12 month rolling time frame.

The company known for No Haggle PayoutsTM and the top offers in the industry is looking forward to giving even more back to Affiliates while ensuring loyalty is recognized.

“It’s not only an opportunity to reward our Affiliates on an even bigger scale,” said Brad Dobbins, Clickbooth’s Vice President of Affiliates, “We believe through this rewards program we are entering the next phase of client loyalty with the ultimate goal of creating an even stronger bond between our network and our Affiliates.”

The concept is simple, the more volume you do the more points you will earn. With rewards ranging from iPads, GoPro Cameras and Google Glasses to the latest Samsung Curved TVs and cars like the Tesla S, the possibility for earning points is limitless and so are the rewards. All Clickbooth Affiliates are automatically enrolled in the program and are eligible to earn and redeem points for as long as they are with the network.

The cb:Rewards Program officially launched on March 3, 2014.

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