mThink Sponsored Article Featured Image (1)A robust tech suite acts as the backbone of any successful affiliate’s campaign strategy. In order to continue delivering quality leads, traffic, and conversions to marketers’ offers at scale, affiliates should be investing their time in a trusted network that can offer actionable data analysis and automated features, and safeguard distribution channels. 

At Perform[cb], the most profit-driving affiliates are the ones who harness the tools and capabilities our proprietary platform has to offer. Built-in 2015 and constantly optimized ever since, many of our most favored features are based on direct partner feedback. Today, we’re highlighting two features that prove just how valuable great affiliate technology can be – custom domains and the Partner API Suite.

Protect Traffic and Increase Profitability with Custom Domains

The custom domains feature has quickly become one of our most popular tools for affiliates. Historically, affiliates will use their network’s owned domains to run traffic to offers – but oftentimes, these domains are shared by thousands of other affiliates within the network. This can open up potential roadblocks – for example, if just one affiliate were to get flagged using the shared domain, all other affiliates using that domain would have to reap the consequences – such as blocked traffic or suspended accounts. In an effort to protect our affiliates’ traffic and proactively avoid such hurdles, custom domains was built into Perform[cb]’s affiliate technology. Affiliates can now seamlessly add their own purchased domain to our platform’s offers and point to our servers. 

Although implementing custom domains is extremely beneficial to all affiliates, this is particularly important for partners running social media traffic. Let’s take Facebook for example – this revenue-driving social media platform can be extremely sensitive to specific links and domains used within advertising. By using a custom domain, affiliates can safeguard themselves from any potential flagging of Facebook traffic or conversion hiccups. 

Affiliate API Suite: Workflow Efficiency Delivered

Regardless of the preferred tracking platform, Perform[cb]’s affiliate partners have the ability to run their businesses from anywhere by connecting to Perform[cb]‘s API suite. Are you aware of some of our recent highly-favored API integrations? 

Partner API Integration

Perform[cb] affiliate partners that utilize our platform’s API are 5 times as productive as partners that do not. Let that sink in for a minute. By connecting to our platform’s API, affiliates who utilize their own tracking technology can still access Perform[cb] ’s robust reporting, documentation, and optimization capabilities. With the Partner API integration, affiliates have the ability to:

  • Automate their campaign setups, pauses, and change rates
  • Receive a list of available offers at any moment
  • Turn off media buying if an offer runs out of daily or weekly budget
  • Automatically resume media buying once an offer is allotted a new budget

For example, many of our mobile affiliate partners tend to refresh our API every few minutes to see new offers as soon as they’re live. When an affiliate sees an offer within our network they’d like to run, their preferred tracking platform will automatically start buying traffic for that offer. Additionally, once a partner’s tracking platform is notified that an offer has been paused or reached its budget cap for the day, it will automatically stop buying traffic for that offer. By increasing automation and efficiencies within our affiliates’ workflow, expansive ROI is just around the corner.

TikTok Conversion API

TikTok has quickly taken the affiliate industry by storm, becoming the top-grossing app and driving over $110M in user spending just last year. This growing social media platform continues to be a major revenue generator for our affiliates, so it’s pivotal we equip them with the capabilities needed to manage and optimize their TikTok traffic.

With our latest TikTok Conversion API, affiliates can now set up tracking pixels directly in our platform’s UI to send traffic data back to TikTok. This makes it easier for partners to build precise custom audiences faster, which in return, will help to reach a more targeted audience and increase profitability. 

Google and Microsoft Conversion API

With our Google and Microsoft Conversion API, affiliates can now seamlessly import all of their tracked conversions from our tracking platform into Google Ads and/or Microsoft Ads. Nearly 96% of users across the U.S. are using Google or Microsoft Network (Bing, Yahoo, AOL) to conduct their searches online – a huge pool of traffic, and an affiliate’s goldmine. But, this plethora of potential customers are bound to come with tracking complexities and conversion data overflow. 

Integrated from day 1 with many of our top affiliates, this API has been immensely impactful in uncovering insights that may have been overlooked prior. Just 30 days after using both the Google and Microsoft Conversion API, there was an 11% increase in conversion rate on Google and a 6% increase in Bing Ads for a multitude of top offers. 

What’s Next?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – affiliates deserve the best tracking technology and account support – and that’s exactly what we at Perform[cb] aim to deliver. For the past six years, affiliates like yourself have named Perform[cb] the #1 CPA Network Worldwide – and if you’ve been pleased by your results with us, we encourage you to help us earn the title for the 7th year by voting in mThink’s 2023 Blue Book survey before it’s too late.

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