• Performance Advertisers Are Still Being Ripped Off

    Fraud was once the weak link of the performance marketing industry but has since become a major selling point. After all, why ... Read Article

    AI To Power 75% Of Ad Impressions By 2023

    Juniper Research has a new report out titled Future Digital Advertising focused on the anticipated impact of AI and advertising fraud over ... Read Article

    TCPA Robocall and State Privacy Legislation Update

    The Federal Communications Commission considers the definition of an automatic telephone dialing system (“ATDS”), robocall legislation looms in Congress. The Senate recently ... Read Article

    Amazon Buys Sizmek Ad Server

    Amazon’s acquisition of the biggest independent ad server outside of Google’s Doubleclick and Ad Manager products will allow them to provide deep ... Read Article

    Direct-To-Consumer Brands Look To Performance

    DTC brands are beginning to hit a wall in terms of growth. In an effort to find more scale they are moving ... Read Article

    Nevada Passes Law Allowing Opt-Out of Data Sale

    Nevada has just passed SB 220, a data privacy law that permits consumers to opt-out of data sales by web operators.  The ... Read Article

    Top Pay-Per-Call Verticals For 2019

    Updated: May 29th, 2019 As the #1 rated Pay-Per-Call network, Aragon has made it a priority to provide their affiliates and advertisers ... Read Article

    Telephone Consumer Protection Act Update – TCPA

    FCC Commissioner Delivers Pro-Telemarketer TCPA Speech – May 2019 FCC Commissioner Michael O’Reilly recently delivered a telemarketer defense-oriented speech at an event ... Read Article

    New York Becoming Leader of Financial Consumer Protection

    The state of New York has long been considered a leading advocate of consumer protection, particularly when it comes to regulating the ... Read Article

    Google Clamps Down On Tracking & Fingerprinting

    Google has announced new privacy controls in Chrome that will aggressively restrict device fingerprinting and the utility of third-party cookies across the ... Read Article

    Optimizing Pay Per Call Between the Margins

    Pay Per Call campaigns have rapidly gained in popularity in recent years, as both advertisers and affiliates alike have come to recognize ... Read Article

    Mundo Media Shuts Down

    Well-known CPA network Mundo Media effectively closed down last week, going into receivership by order of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ... Read Article

    FTC Warns Marketers to Take CIDs and Subpoenas Seriously

    The Federal Trade Commission obtains information through subpoenas and civil investigative demands (CIDs) pursuant to its mission to investigate deceptive and unfair ... Read Article

    FTC Signs Consumer Protection MOU With UK Regulator

    The Federal Trade Commission has signed a memorandum of understanding with the United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), a non-ministerial department ... Read Article

    Attribution Models, New Performance Metrics & Tech Innovation are Key to Winning in 2017

    Interview with Matt Frary, CEO and Founder of SmarterChaos What does Affiliate Window’s acquisition of ShareASale mean for the rest of the ... Read Article
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