A recent BBB opinion appears to be another harbinger of the direction that data privacy law is going.  Specifically, a decision by the Online Interest-Based Advertising Accountability Program (the “Program”) illustrates the importance of providing consumers with “enhanced notice” when data is collected for interest-based advertising.

In response to a consumer complaint, the Program reviewed the website of sneaker retailer Finish Line and observed that data was collected by numerous third-parties that engaged in interest-based advertising.  A more comprehensive examination of Finish Line’s compliance with Digital Advertising Alliance Principles subsequently revealed that  third-parties were collecting cross-app data via the company’s mobile application without providing enhanced notice or disclosing third-party interest-based advertising on the privacy policy page.  It also revealed that one third-party was collecting geolocation data.

Finish Line promptly made changes to website and privacy policy.  The latter included a statement regarding compliance with DAA Principles.  It also added an enhanced notice link with information about third-party data collection (labeled “Interest-Based Ads Policy”) and links to the DAA’s WebChoices page and an opt-out page.

Changes to the app included a description of the third-party interest-based advertising, a link to the DAA’s AppChoices application and a statement of compliance with Finish Line’s privacy policy.  Finish Line also ensured compliance with the enhanced notice compliance obligations under the Mobile Guidance by including a link to its internet-based advertising policy in close proximity to the top of its privacy policy page.

The company also made changes to its geolocation privacy disclosures and opt-out mechanisms.

The decision can be seen, here.

Richard Newman is an FTC attorney and member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals.    

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