• Five Ways Mobile Can Succeed in the Affiliate Channel

    We all know that mobile commerce is poised to explode in the next few years. While its adoption has seemed slow when ... Read Article

    The Publisher’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing

    In the fall 2012 edition of this magazine I wrote an article, The CMO Guide to Affiliate Marketing, that established the basic ... Read Article

    Avangate Affiliate Network

    Europe’s Biggest Software Affiliate Network Comes To America Avangate is a network that ranked well in our 2012 BLUE BOOK survey and ... Read Article

    Retail Publisher Strategy: Making The Leap to CPA & Lead-Gen

    Many publishers promoting retail advertisers on a cost-per-sale basis are hesitant to move to the “other side” and promote customer acquisition or ... Read Article

    Why You Should Embrace, Not Fear, Performance Marketing

    All too often CMOs and brand managers are slow to adopt performance based marketing approaches. This has the effect of placing them at ... Read Article

    Subscription Commerce Will Eat Your Lunch

    The subscription commerce sector is growing fast and is acting as an intensive prototyping lab for what works in selling products online. ... Read Article

    Google Profits Down 20% As CPC Plummets 15%

      The day’s big news of Google’s precipitous drop in share price concealed the fact that Google’s average CPC is down 15% ... Read Article

    Forget About Clicks! Facebook Scrambles

    If someone asks you how well your ads work, answer a different question. Facebook is facing skepticism on how well Facebook Ads ... Read Article

    Tip-Of-The-Week The Best Content Research Tools

    Content marketing is still the preferred method of most online marketers but finding things to write about is a problem for many. ... Read Article

    The New Google Webmaster Guidelines Are Killing Affiliates

    Affiliates have been complaining for a long time that Google keeps changing the rules of SEO. Most of the time it claims ... Read Article

    How-To Post of The Week: Building A Niche Website

    The first of an ongoing series in which we will pick out one especially good how-to piece from around The Internets. This ... Read Article

    Vibrant Redesigns The Most Annoying Ads In The World

    Vibrant Media claims to reach 300 million unique users a month with its remarkably irritating in-text ad units. The good news is ... Read Article

    Facebook FBX Retargeting Ads Worth 3x More

      As Facebook’s new FBX exchange kicks into gear the networks brokering the inventory are reporting that the market rate for the ... Read Article

    Achieving ROI With Social Media

    At a time when pretty much every organization or affiliate has a social media presence, it’s amazing how many don’t have any ... Read Article

    11 Keys To Content Marketing Success

    Getting your content marketing strategy right is more important than ever. Understanding your audience, your objectives and the landscape in which you ... Read Article
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