As we approach holiday season many e-commerce companies and merchants are gearing up their email campaigns in order to maximize sales at the most important part of the year. The big problem? Email inboxes are flooded with holiday-themed emails.

Yes Lifecycle Marketing just released a report titled, “Engagement and Deliverability for Holiday-Themed Emails: Biggest Lessons from 2015 and What They Mean for Marketers in 2016.” They tracked year-on-year performance of email campaigns for amazon, Nordstrom, Target and over two dozen others.

The report shows that while the proportion of brands using email as a holiday marketing channel increased by 13.4%, open rates are declining.

Holiday-themed email campaigns are a great way for brands to engage consumers in a timely and topical way, but we saw some diminishing returns as more brands were competing to attract customers’ attention with the same tactics over the same period,” said Michael Fisher, president of Yes Lifecycle Marketing. “These campaigns can still be highly effective and engaging, but marketers need to be thinking more strategically.

You can download the full report here: