Press Release

QUEBEC CITY — CPA Network CrakRevenue has announced the launch of 50+ Gaming Offers now available for immediate promotion. On top of this, the cost-per-acquisition network giant also announced the addition of 2 new Smartlinks in the Gaming vertical.

After success in five other verticals, the CPA network appears to be doubling down on its expertise and has taken great steps to incorporate Online Games into its lineup of award-winning offers. And with more than fifty offers already available, CrakRevenue seems ready to attack the market.

“We’re taking it to the next level by officially providing what many affiliates and webmasters have requested from us for so long.  That is, online gaming offers that actually convert.  Between the launch of this new vertical, the fresh new offers, and the addition of our 2 brand-new Smartlinks targeting this market, we’re convinced there’s tremendous potential here and that many affiliates will be really pleased with the results,” says Thierry Bouchard, Business Development Manager at CrakRevenue.

The network’s signature all-in-one ‘Smartlinks’ tool allows affiliates with Gaming traffic to access the industry’s leading Gaming offers, adapted to their geo and device.

“Promoting individual Games can at times be a little bit more of a challenge than promoting, say, some other type of individual offer found in CR”, explains Bouchard. “Between app installs, KPIs, carrier restriction and soft vs hard KPIs, the level of factors and complexity can be daunting when you take everything into account. This is why I encourage the usage of Smartlinks — especially our Gaming ones.  Everything really is continually optimized in-house and guaranteed to deliver the best results,” adds Bouchard.

About CrakRevenue

CrakRevenue is a Quebec City – Canadian based CPA platform that provides leading-edge web traffic monetization and online marketing solutions for adult markets. Since 2010, CrakRevenue has received multiple awards and recognitions for its innovative efforts and products. The company was ranked 3rd in Performance Marketing Insider’s list of Top Performing CPA Networks of 2014, and is part of the Blue Book Guide’s 2017 edition of the Top 20 CPA Networks worldwide.