Google recognizes ClickDealer, a global performance marketing agency, for its reliability and transparency.

London, UK – November 11, 2014 – Web giant Google recently recognized ClickDealer, a performance-based Internet Marketing company specializing in Cost-Per-Action campaigns, as a certified Google Partner. ClickDealer is proud to be affiliated with the world’s most powerful search engine, and will display its Google Partners badge on the ClickDealer website. The award celebrates ClickDealer’s reliability and transparency, and creates a wide range of benefits and privileges for its partners.

Google Partners are online marketing companies that excel by using Google’s products and have been marked as trustworthy by Google. Cultivating healthy businesses, happy customers, and the use of Google’s best practices, Google Partners are certified experts in marketing that offer only the best services for their partners’ campaigns while working directly with Google for inside knowledge about training and product updates.

The advertisers and affiliates that ClickDealer serves worldwide will receive valuable benefits from Google as well. Both affiliates and advertisers will receive Google Accounts, while advertisers will also receive full service marketing services.  These added amenities will further the continued success of ClickDealer’s affiliate marketing strategies.

Google recognizes ClickDealer not only for its ability to provide excellent advice and services, but also for its strong, honest business principles. With a reputation of fairness and integrity, ClickDealer’s dedicated Performance Marketing team specializes in CPA (Cost-Per-Action) campaigns and works together to make big investments. Through constant innovation, the company has also been able to expand into fields such as mobile entertainment, travel, and e-commerce while still maintaining the top quality services for which the company has become known.

About ClickDealer:

Since its inception, ClickDealer has quickly grown from an affiliate network specializing in CPL, CPI, CPA and CPS into a global marketing agency offering a wide range of advertising services. Having dominated social and mobile verticals, the company is now gradually expanding into the travel, leadgen, and e-commerce industries. Proud of its new certified Google Partner status, ClickDealer hopes to use the award’s benefits to continue to strive for greater results and knowledge, and to further facilitate growth for their partners’ businesses.

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