Travel Vertical Heats Up For Summer

by Revenue Performance Staff
April 26, 2012

comScore reports that various travel categories occupied half of the top 10 fastest growing verticals during March as people start researching and booking their summer vacations. Travel Information sites were up the most with an average increase of 10% which is good news for affiliates.

comScore reports that airline sites are also doing well:
Airline sites grew 8 percent to 29.8 million visitors in March, with Southwest Airlines Co. ranking first in the category with 10.9 million visitors (up 17 percent). Delta Airlines secured the #2 spot with 6.1 million visitors (up 9 percent), followed by United Airlines with 5.4 million (up 61 percent), American Airlines with 4.8 million (up 8 percent), JetBlue Airways with 3.3 million (up 1 percent) and US Airways Group, Inc. with 2.6 million (up 8 percent).

Download the full report here

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