• Apple vs. Google: The Mobile Search War Heats Up

    With the release of the iPhone5 and iOS6, attention has become focused on the competition between Apple and Google for local and ... Read Article

    Facebook Makes Its Mobile Move

    Facebook today began to allow its data to be used for targeting mobile advertising in apps and websites. This is an extension ... Read Article

    Twitter Might Be The Key To Mobile Performance Advertising

    Twitter could change the performance marketing sector if they only made self-serve, auction-priced advertising available. That would open up a massive audience ... Read Article

    Facebook Mobile Ads Delivering $10 eCPM

    TBG Digital reports that Facebook’s mobile-only Sponsored Stories ad format is getting 1.14% CTR, $0.86 CPC and $9.86 eCPM. Those figures represent ... Read Article

    mCommerce & Mobile Search Overtaking Desktop

    By Chris Trayhorn   Affiliate Window just released a white paper that examines the growth in mobile commerce on their network, with ... Read Article

    Insane Mobile Ecosystem Revealed!

    The craziness of the mobile marketing ecosystem leaps out and grabs you by the throat in the latest update to Luma Partners' ... Read Article

    If This Doesn't Persuade You To Put Campaigns On Mobile, Nothing Will

    How massive is mobile? Absolutely huge. More than you even think. A new analyst report reveals that mobile devices have now achieved ... Read Article

    60% Of Mobile Performance Ads At Risk?

    Eight mobile ad networks are collaborating to come up with a new way to track iPhone and iPad users. The initiative, called ... Read Article

    Mobile CPL Network Moolah Expands

    Moolah Media has announced the launch of their own display ad network to go with their existing CPL mobile network. Moolah is ... Read Article

    Russia's Biggest Search Engine Yandex Up By 50%+

    Yandex, Russia's biggest search engine has not only just signed a real-time search deal with Twitter but has also released its results ... Read Article

    Google's AdMob Changes Mobile CPC Auctions

    The one area of mobile in which Google is kicking Apple's as$ is advertising. Forget about the Android operating system; mobile search ... Read Article

    Sponsormob and RingRevenue Launch Mobile Click-to-Call in the US

    Summary: Germany-based mobile solutions provider Sponsormob partners with RingRevenue to provide Click-to-Call advertising opportunities on mobile in the United States

    Sponsormob The Mobile CPA Network of the Future

    As the producer of the Blue Ribbon Awards For Excellence In Performance Marketing, Revenue Performance is always looking for up-and-coming companies with ... Read Article

    Will Mobile Ads Overtake Online Display?

    We all know mobile is growing at an incredible rate but sometimes one needs to step back and just look at the ... Read Article

    CPC Rates Up By 20% While Mobile Video Traffic Triples

    While affiliates gathered in Vegas and then found themselves stuck by the snow storm on the East Coast, life went on. CPC ... Read Article
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