• Will Fraud Kill Affiliate Marketing?

    Will fraud kill affiliate marketing? It is up to you. You choose. But here’s a clue: the BP oil spill probably just ... Read Article

    The Survival Guide For Networks, Part II: the Empire fights back!

    The recent discussion of the importance of brand to CPA network survival generated a fair amount of feedback. For an industry rooted ... Read Article

    Affiliate Managers Who Aren't Idiots! More Survey Results

    Give me “affiliate managers who aren't idiots,”  was the demand of one publisher when we asked what they looked for when choosing a ... Read Article

    Botnet of 13 Million Computers Smashed

    On Wednesday Spanish authorities announced the arrest of three alleged ringleaders behind the Mariposa botnet. Mariposa is possibly the largest botnet yet ... Read Article

    Big Bucks, Bad Business: Who's Getting Google-Slapped and Why

    Google is cracking down. Last month, Google filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Pacific WebWorks and several others as part of an ... Read Article

    The Great Divide

    Over the last five years, almost all of the topics I’ve written about focus on some aspect of performance-based advertising. My fascination ... Read Article

    Affiliate Program Multiplicity

    On various stages of their involvement with the affiliate marketing channel, merchants look in the direction of launching affiliate programs for the ... Read Article

    Crossing the Line

    The roles played by each of the key parties in the affiliate marketing space are very clearly defined. Just like a well-oiled ... Read Article

    Ringing IN and Hanging UP

    In the old days, a telephone came in two designs and had one ring. With the rise in cell phones, the styles ... Read Article

    Fair Play: Q & A with Kellie Stevens

    Kellie Stevens is the president of AffiliateFair-Play.com, which is committed to providing a better understanding and interpretation of the behaviors that impact ... Read Article

    Out of Commission

    How to Limit Commission Theft

    Marketing Muscle

    Over the years stories about intimidation and goons knocking on the doors of various affiliates and search marketers have circulated at industry ... Read Article

    Scrutiny on the Bounty

    As every good bounty hunter knows, capturing your target requires exacting execution of a well-designed plan. But unlike intrepid fugitive hunters such ... Read Article

    Data Double Duty

    Website publishers are up in arms about the potential threat posed by employees at companies, who have access to their crucial data ... Read Article

    Danger: Clicking Ahead

    Sometimes a click isn't really a click. Sometimes the person knocking on a website's door is really a wolf in shopper's clothing, ... Read Article
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