• The Future of Performance Marketing: More Consolidation & Better Social Media Lead Generation

    Three seemingly disparate events this year — the closing of the Google Affiliate Network (GAN), Facebook introducing CPA buys and Twitter launching

    Firefox and Third Party Cookie Blocking

    Web browser developer Mozilla has made it clear that at some point in the near future they will implement third party cookie ... Read Article

    The 6 Most Common Mobile Optimization Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

    It is predicted that over half of all worldwide traffic will come from mobile devices by 2015. Mobile usage and growth statistics ... Read Article

    Why Do Some Networks Thrive While Others Die?

    How do some performance marketing networks keep succeeding against all odds? Why is it that while some CPA networks vanish almost overnight, ... Read Article

    Successful Global Expansion Through The Affiliate Channel

    Certainly we've all heard about the e-commerce companies that expanded into new markets and successfully increased sales, elevated brand awareness and

    Why Native Ads And Programmatic Platforms Will Boost Content Advertising

    Two of the more recent innovations to come along in online advertising, native ads and programmatic platforms, are changing the content advertising ... Read Article

    Retargeting Will Transform Mobile Marketing in 2013

    The hurdles were high but now – for the first time – mobile retargeting on a global scale has become a reality. ... Read Article

    Five Ways Mobile Can Succeed in the Affiliate Channel

    We all know that mobile commerce is poised to explode in the next few years. While its adoption has seemed slow when ... Read Article

    The Benefits Of Going Performance

    One of the most common demands from brand managers and CMOs is the ability to access good quality traffic at scale. The ... Read Article

    The CMO Guide to Affiliate Marketing

    Having built and run multiple performance marketing divisions over the past decade, I’ve learned that the best thing I can do for ... Read Article

    Retail Publisher Strategy: Making The Leap to CPA & Lead-Gen

    Many publishers promoting retail advertisers on a cost-per-sale basis are hesitant to move to the “other side” and promote customer acquisition or ... Read Article

    Why You Should Embrace, Not Fear, Performance Marketing

    All too often CMOs and brand managers are slow to adopt performance based marketing approaches. This has the effect of placing them at ... Read Article

    Tip-Of-The-Week The Best Content Research Tools

    Content marketing is still the preferred method of most online marketers but finding things to write about is a problem for many. ... Read Article

    Facebook Makes Its Mobile Move

    Facebook today began to allow its data to be used for targeting mobile advertising in apps and websites. This is an extension ... Read Article

    Achieving ROI With Social Media

    At a time when pretty much every organization or affiliate has a social media presence, it’s amazing how many don’t have any ... Read Article
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