• The Desire to Acquire

    The new geography features auction-based ad exchanges and conglomerated companies with divisions that buy, sell and distribute ads: something that would have ... Read Article

    The Tangled Web of Link Spam

    In my last column, you were warned to "Never watch sausage being made," lest you find the process so unappetizing you'd never ... Read Article

    The Affiliate Lifestyle

    For many aspiring affiliates, the phrase Affiliate Lifestyle conjures up visions of big beautiful homes and shiny new sports cars. Graphic images ... Read Article

    Bringing Your Website Into Focus

    What can you do when you've invested in Web initiatives and it looks like the investment isn't paying off? For some industries, ... Read Article

    Do Your Metrics Measure Up?

    Steve DiPietro is amazed at how frequently he listens to prospective clients parroting clickthrough percentages, Web traffic statistics and conversion ratios with ... Read Article

    Spiders Don't Eat Spam

    It's the headline any search marketer would dread: "Google Bans BMW for Search Spamming." For well-known companies, such bad publicity is reason ... Read Article

    Improving Conversions

    Kimberly Griffiths knows all too well what it feels like to be drowning in a sea of debt. Like many Americans, she's ... Read Article

    Online Is Sweet

    Food has recently been called everything from the new theater to the new porn. Regardless of how you think about food, you ... Read Article

    Search Is Getting Personal

    Your phone rings. A good friend is calling, more excited than you've heard her in months. "My book is on the home ... Read Article

    A Call to Action

    Someone is hijacking your traffic and stealing your commissions. That someone might be a competing affiliate marketer, or worse, the merchant whose ... Read Article

    You've Got Content, Now What?

    I find that many website owners are divided into two camps. One camp is very good at developing unique content and garnering ... Read Article

    The Mobile Marketing Monster

    Tony Phillip will tell you the exact moment he knew that mobile marketing and advertising - predominantly via cell phones - had ... Read Article

    Hybrid Auctions Are Taking Over

    As author Robert C. Gallagher observes, "Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine." And so it comes as no surprise ... Read Article

    Google Hates Affiliates

    Back in January 2005 Google changed its Adwords policy to read, "We'll only display one ad for affiliates and parent companies sharing ... Read Article

    Insurance for Conversion Rates

    Designing for conversions isn't rocket science. It's just the ability to design a website with particular ideas in mind. For this column ... Read Article
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