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    Apple's Woes Are Good For Performance Marketers

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    Forget About Clicks! Facebook Scrambles

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    The New Google Webmaster Guidelines Are Killing Affiliates

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    Vibrant Redesigns The Most Annoying Ads In The World

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    Facebook FBX Retargeting Ads Worth 3x More

      As Facebook’s new FBX exchange kicks into gear the networks brokering the inventory are reporting that the market rate for the ... Read Article

    Apple vs. Google: The Mobile Search War Heats Up

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    The Future Is Bright for Digital CPS

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    Twitter Might Be The Key To Mobile Performance Advertising

    Twitter could change the performance marketing sector if they only made self-serve, auction-priced advertising available. That would open up a massive audience ... Read Article

    Facebook Mobile Ads Delivering $10 eCPM

    TBG Digital reports that Facebook’s mobile-only Sponsored Stories ad format is getting 1.14% CTR, $0.86 CPC and $9.86 eCPM. Those figures represent ... Read Article

    80% Of Facebook Users Never Respond To Ads

    80% of Facebook users have never bought anything as a result of seeing an ad on the site. Reuters, who reported the ... Read Article

    Ad Budgets vs. Time Spent: The Metric That Means Opportunity

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    Nobody Even Sees 50% Of Your Media Buy

    What would you say if I told you that fully half of all the display ads you buy are never even seen ... Read Article
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