Did you know that 48% of shoppers around the globe have already started their 2018 gift shopping?

Rakuten Marketing recently conducted a research study with over 6,000 consumers in eight markets across America, Europe, and APAC to gain a deeper understanding of the latest shopper trends. The report uncovers a deeper understanding of today’s shoppers and provides actionable insights for successful peak campaigns in the run-up to the holiday season.

Did you know?

  • Globally, 79% of consumers are looking for suggestions on the gifts they buy and over two thirds (69%) are ‘likely’ to buy something for themselves because it was recommended by advertising.
  • US consumers are particularly savvy when it comes to gift-buying. Taking their time to make purchase decisions (64% aren’t prepared to make on-the-spot decisions), they turn to advertising for suggestions as to what to buy, with over a fifth saying they need ‘all the help they can get’. However, they are also likely to notice annoying ads for products they’ve already purchased.
  • Many US shoppers are gift-buying for multiple people so utilizing gift-wrapping options and specific gift-buying sections on your website to better understand who people are buying for and tailor their experience accordingly.

By understanding the needs and wants of the modern holiday shopper at a global scale, you can greatly increase the opportunity for a successful holiday shopping season.

Download the report here to learn more about how you can tailor your holiday campaigns to maximize your success.