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    Network Overview

    CrakRevenue is an international and industry-leading CPA Network cumulating 13+ years of experience in traffic monetization and digital marketing. CrakRevenue provides its network with exclusive, high-paying affiliate programs in some of the most profitable verticals, an innovative all-in-one platform, AI-powered promo tools, in-house creatives, tested funnels, and multilingual support, all year-round.

    Network Name:
    Follow The Whale
    • AI-powered data analysis and reporting tools
    • Hundreds of top converting offers to make the most out of the highest-paying affiliate programs
    • Fully responsive platform for easy access, from anywhere, on any device
    Network Description:

    CrakRevenue is a renowned CPA marketing platform designed to help affiliates maximize their earnings by connecting them with high-paying affiliate programs. The platform offers various features, such as detailed reporting, allowing users to analyze their data in an intuitive manner. With hundreds of top converting offers, AI trafic optmization, as well as customized tours and landing pages, CrakRevenue is suitable for affiliates in both adult and mainstream niches.

    The platform's fully responsive design ensures that affiliates can access their stats and manage their campaigns from any device. Additionally, CrakRevenue provides a top self-service feature that allows users to create their own postbacks, manage trackers, and access a wealth of information through the advanced Knowledge Base.

    CrakRevenue's experienced team, the 360 Strike Force, is dedicated to ensuring affiliates' success and continuously updates the platform's blog with the latest web marketing trends and tips related to affiliate marketing. The platform has received dozens of awards and industry recognitions over the years, including the GFY Awards for Best Affiliate Program, further solidifying its position as a top choice for affiliates seeking to make more money online.

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    Company Overview

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    Nicolas Chrétien, Founder and CEO

    Leader Bio

    Company Name:
    Follow The Whale
    Parent Company:
    Other Offices:
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    Advertiser Overview

    CrakRevenue offers advertisers the opportunity to promote their brand and significantly increase their sales thanks to thoroughly vetted traffic sources. Unite forces with a world-leading CPA Network fueled by innovation and results. Benefit from 13+ years of expertise and the largest team in the industry offering turnkey marketing services.

    Elevator pitch:
    Team up with industry leaders
    • Expertise in CPA marketing and adult affiliate programs
    • Access to 20,000+ professional web marketers
    • Advanced fraud prevention system and real-time reporting
    Advertiser Description:

    CrakRevenue has established itself as a leader in CPA marketing and adult affiliate programs, providing advertisers with the opportunity to promote their brand and generate conversions through qualified traffic sources. With over ten years of expertise in web marketing, the network is committed to helping their partners grow their sales.

    CrakRevenue boasts a large team of dedicated product owners specializing in various verticals, ensuring that each campaign receives the attention and expertise it deserves. The network's rigorous subscription process, overseen by a team of more than 15 affiliate managers, ensures that only the best and most qualified affiliates are accepted.

    Advertisers can leverage CrakRevenue's network of 20,000+ professional web marketers, who generate over 50 billion monthly impressions through their combined promotions. The platform also uses the industry's most reputable fraud prevention screening programs to ensure that conversions are legitimate.

    CrakRevenue's responsive platform offers real-time reporting and tracking, allowing advertisers to assess their campaigns' quality anytime and anywhere. With geo-targeting capabilities and AI-powered traffic optimization, the network provides access to qualified traffic from over 200 countries and territories.

    The skilled design team at CrakRevenue creates well-designed banners, landers, and creatives proven to generate more conversions. Advertisers can also benefit from the dedicated support team and extensive Knowledge Base, ensuring they have the resources they need for success.

    Advertiser Contact:
    Derek Paquet, Director - Advertisers
    Skype: dpaquet_7
    Enquiry form: contact this network

    Publisher Overview

    CrakRevenue is an industry-leading CPA network that specializes in high-converting offers, customized ad tools, and unparalleled support for affiliate marketers. With a vast selection of verticals and exclusive products, CrakRevenue paves the way for affiliates to achieve success.

    Elevator pitch:
    Enter a sea of opportunities
    • Access to 700+ high-converting offers
    • Exclusive products with long-lasting partnerships
    • Mobile & geo-smartlinks, AI-powered tools for optimal targeting
    • Display
    • Email Marketing
    • Search
    • Mobile Apps
    • Social Media
    Publishers Description:

    CrakRevenue, a well-established affiliate marketing network, offers a wide range of high-converting offers, focusing on dating, cam, health, and gaming verticals. With a dedicated team of affiliate managers, CrakRevenue provides personalized support and customized ad tools to match the needs of affiliates in various geographics and traffic channels. This network boasts exclusive partnerships with dozens of advertisers, ensuring unique offers unavailable elsewhere.

    Through continuous improvement and optimization, CrakRevenue offers mobile and geo-smartlinks that direct traffic to the most relevant offers, maximizing conversion potential. The network's high payouts and fast, accurate reporting demonstrate its commitment to affiliate success. Additionally, CrakRevenue's platform features high-CTR ad tools that undergo rigorous testing to ensure top performance.

    CrakRevenue's extra earning opportunities include back offers and popunders, further increasing revenue potential. The network also offers a rewarding referral program, allowing affiliates to earn a 5% commission on referred earnings. With flexible payment terms, including weekly and bi-monthly options, CrakRevenue consistently proves its dedication to supporting its affiliates and driving their success.

    Number of Offers:
    Payout Frequency:
    Bi-monthly Net 7-15-30 days
    Minimum Payout:

    Publisher Contact:
    Laurence Théroux - Affiliate Team Leader
    Skype: theroux_7
    Enquiry form: contact this network

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