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SARASOTA, Fla., Clickbooth is excited to announce that with the company’s most recent technological release, 100% of its affiliate traffic is now powered by its proprietary platform, The Clickbooth Performance Exchange, providing industry-leading technology to advertisers and affiliates in all Clickbooth-supported traffic types!

Clickbooth Performance

With this added feature, email affiliates will continue accessing top-performing offers through the CB Platform and now benefit from its innovative interface, gaining increased visibility, control and comprehensive performance statistics and reporting.

CTO of Clickbooth, Dzenis Softic, and his team are at the helm of the platform’s creation. Dzenis, founder of the VoloMP email platform, has more than 15 years of industry experience, working as a Clickbooth affiliate for over a decade prior to joining the company in 2014.

“Having worked on all sides of the industry; creating software for email affiliates, being an email affiliate myself and leading the development of Clickbooth’s Performance Exchange, I have a great understanding of what features email affiliates need. While this portion of the platform is only version 1.0, it defines the distance that Clickbooth is willing to go to meet specific client needs,” Softic comments.

As Softic notes, Clickbooth’s client feedback helps mold the game-changing platform. In addition to the newly supported email traffic, the Clickbooth Performance Exchange already revolutionizes performance marketing for advertisers and affiliates across other traffic types.

Affiliates qualifying for the Clickbooth Performance Exchange have the power of choice. They can run a single offer, run a customized group of offers or run CB’s exclusive offer blend, with the latter two options leveraging the power of a proprietary learning algorithm to serve the best offer for every single click. This allows for 100% adfill and eliminates cap management, all while yielding the highest EPC.

Executive Vice President of Affiliates, Brad Dobbins shares, “The custom built platform allows Clickbooth to be agile and create the features that are needed by affiliates and advertisers to stay ahead of the curve.”

Disruption of the norm is being demanded and Clickbooth aims to push the industry forward into the next generation of performance marketing. Clickbooth’s evolution from Affiliate Network to Performance Exchange eliminates past technology constraints and creates a smarter marketplace for the buying and selling of online marketing.

Be sure to reach out to your Clickbooth rep to learn more about this technology and how it’s changing performance marketing. Not a Clickbooth client? Sign up now!

About Clickbooth:

Clickbooth, The Performance Exchange, is a technology company that takes a programmatic approach to traditional performance marketing resulting in zero risk and higher returns for clients. The company’s proprietary and patent pending performance exchange provides advertisers looking for new customer acquisitions access to the largest distribution network of online marketing experts, specializing in display, social, native, search and contextual traffic. Affiliates using the platform see 30% higher EPCs and let the platform handle optimization, cap management and offer testing for them, allowing them to aggressively scale their businesses.

Founded in 2002, Clickbooth’s mission is to empower small businesses, entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies alike, allowing all to compete on a level playing field for media – based on performance. In 2015, Clickbooth pioneered the world’s first marketplace to automate performance advertising and support innovation leading to superior results for advertisers, affiliates and consumers. Ready to Think Bigger and gain access to the #1 Performance Exchange in the world? Visit us at


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