Change Cropped

The performance marketing industry is known for rapid growth, innovation, and ever-changing trends. If you are an affiliate, an advertiser, a network, or a technology provider that works in this industry, you must adapt to continue to grow your results. Those who attain a level of success and think they can cruise forward on autopilot are mistaken. If your business is successful for any length of time, chances are that you have already adapted your business model multiple times. Many of us are so focused on day-to-day tasks that we are not completely aware of the changing course of our business strategies. Consider for a moment, what was your business focus last year? What was your focus five years ago? Whenever you think back, it becomes apparent the massive changes that have occurred.

Change happens swiftly in the performance marketing industry. What prompts all of these changes? Everything from governmental regulation, media influence, pop culture, new technology developments, emerging markets, and innovation from competitors contribute to the constant change. I have witnessed affiliates go from making six figures monthly in a particular vertical, to almost nothing over the course of a few short months. I have also seen that great results can occur if you are paying attention to feedback from the clients, affiliates, or customers you work with. You may decide to put forth resources to grow a small but promising segment of your business based on that feedback, and find a year later that this area is bringing in the majority of your revenue!

 There are times when adapting or changing your business focus isn’t about immediately increasing your bottom line. You will have to make hard choices should you find that a profitable business practice or strategy is something that could become a target for consumer complaints, adverse legal action, or other unfavorable scrutiny. When you consider the overall vision for your company, cutting these shortsighted opportunities is the right choice to make. Your brand and reputation are worth far more than so called “easy money”. If you keep a long-term approach in mind, you can save yourself from being the subject of governmental fines, costly lawsuits, and bad press. Potential clients and customers will love that your company has a clean track record of doing the right thing.

Do a quick self-evaluation and determine if you are taking the proper steps to remain flexible and current. Make sure not to rest on yesterday’s accomplishments, but to consistently work towards improving yourself and your business in line with the changes happening around you. Read industry publications, stay in touch with peers and colleagues, attend networking events, and most importantly encourage the clients, affiliates, and customers you serve to provide feedback. If you pay attention to that feedback, you can gain new insight into your business. That insight will help you adapt your business strategies and reach new levels of success!