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Affiliate Managers Who Aren’t Idiots! More Survey Results

April 28, 2010

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Give me “affiliate managers who aren’t idiots,”  was the demand of one publisher when we asked what they looked for when choosing a network, while another said, "what i care most about is that they don’t shave or scrub my business. I’ve seen that happen way too often." 

The survey we recently carried out for the BLUE BOOK Top 20 ranking of leading performance marketing networks gave us some great insights into what’s bothering people right now.

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ShareASale Rated #1 Top Performance Marketing Network

April 20, 2010

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mThink ranks the Top 20 in new edition of BLUE BOOK

SAN FRANCISCO, CA; April 20, 2010 – Revenue Performance, the leading magazine and website devoted to performance advertising, has announced their new ranking of the BLUE BOOK Top 20 Performance Marketing Networks and Exchanges. The new Top 20 list is the result of aggregating expert views, traffic data, measures of industry influence, and a survey that went out to over 1000 publishers, advertisers, agencies and networks. 

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Top 5 Takeaways Re. Twitter’s New Advertising Platform

April 14, 2010


Twitter has made its move towards monetization and there are big opportunities for performance advertisers as a result..

In the last 48 hours they have announced a new performance advertising platform, new targeting capabilities via geo-location, and that Twitter now has 105 million registered users with 75% of traffic coming from outside

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OPM Consolidation As Schaaf Buys PartnerCentric

April 6, 2010

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Schaaf Consulting announced today that it has acquired PartnerCentric, creating one of the biggest outsourced program management companies in the industry. This move continues Brook Schaaf’s plan for affiliate marketing world domination that began with the founding of Schaaf Consulting with his brother, Forrest, in 2006 and then accelerated with the acquisition of Stephanie Agresta’s OPM company, Affiliate Karma, in December, 2008.

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