2010 has started at a sprint.

Affiliate Summit is almost here with Las Vegas preparing for the influx of amped-up super-affiliates ready to party. Google has launched the Nexus One and staked an even stronger claim on the burgeoning mobile space. And Facebook is making waves already with in-game offers and virtual currency. But before we dive into all that, it’s worth taking a moment or two to consider where we are as individuals and companies.

2010 is the year in which we can all lift our heads and look to the horizon once more. After a year that was all about survival for many, we are now into a year of rebirth, of gaining the high ground, of winning again. Never before has such a tough year been followed by one of such massive opportunities.

If you’re not excited by 2010, you should be. Just look at what’s coming.

Everyone is talking about the impact of social media but we are only at the very beginning of the changes it is going to make in our lives. Mobile web access is growing faster than any previous technology has ever done and is going to be at least twice as big as desktop web access. Cloud computing will mean that everyone has all their data available to them all the time. New non-governmental currencies and payment systems are being invented. Entertainment is changing as people move from passive TV-watching to interactive games. And then there’s climate change and all the green technologies that are being introduced.

This is a meteorite-load of disruption.

The world of commerce is going to heat up dramatically. Established industry dinosaurs will have to try and evolve with the new environment, which will provide lots of opportunity for faster, smarter competitors. Big beasts are going to die off while the smaller and more intelligent thrive. 2010 is going to be a year of change and opportunity.

Are you ready?

Welcome to 2010 and Revenue Performance. We have lots of plans for this year. Stay with us and let us be your trusted guide. It’s going to be a great year.