• How Intelligent Is Your Grid?

    Many people in the utility industry see the intelligent grid — an electric transmission and distribution network that uses information technology to ... Read Article

    The Technology Demonstration Center

    When a utility undergoes a major transformation - such as adopting new technologies like advanced metering - the costs and time involved ... Read Article

    Leveraging the Data Deluge: Integrated Intelligent Utility Network

    If you define a machine as a series of interconnected parts serving a unified purpose, the electric power grid is arguably the ... Read Article

    The Virtual Generator

    Electric utility companies today constantly struggle to find a balance between generating sufficient power to satisfy their customers' dynamic load requirements and ... Read Article

    The GridWise Olympic Peninsula Project

    The Olympic Peninsula Project consisted of a field demonstration and test of advanced price signal-based control of distributed energy resources (DERs). Sponsored ... Read Article

    Wind Energy: Balancing the Demand

    In recent years, exponential demand for new U.S. wind energy-generating facilities has nearly doubled America's installed wind generation. By the end of ... Read Article

    Ontario Pilot

    Smart metering technologies are making it possible to provide residential utility customers with the sophisticated "smart pricing" options once available only to ... Read Article

    Con Edison

    Consolidated Edison Co. of New York (Con Edison) is a regulated utility serving 3.2 million electric customers in New York City and ... Read Article

    Pepco Holdings, Inc.

    The United States and the world are facing two preeminent energy challenges: the rising cost of energy and the impact of increasing ... Read Article

    Application and Design of the Modern Substation Automation Platform

    This paper describes the application of the modern automation platform in electrical transmission substations. The applications described within are not “bleeding edge” ... Read Article

    RAMP: A Unique Solution to Recovering Lost Revenue

    Revenue losses are a common problem among utilities across the globe and are typically segmented into three categories: Technical – energy/commodity lost ... Read Article

    Challenges of Demand Response and Distributed Generation

    Project Introduction and Motivation Electricity system challenges have emerged in Washington’s Olympic Peninsula that make it an ideal laboratory for advanced intelligent ... Read Article

    The Three Pillars of Energy Policy

    Successful energy policy is about trade-offs between different and divergent agendas that must somehow be reconciled. Energy policy, whether in the U.K., ... Read Article

    Implementing the Right Network for the Smart Grid: Critical Infrastructure Determines Long-Term Strategy

    Energy Conservation. Energy Efficiency. Go Green. Clean Tech. Smart Grid. The utility industry has enacted a number of initiatives with a common ... Read Article

    The Water Industry in Britain and Europe: Issues for 2006 and Beyond

    Executive Summary Europe’s water industry is grappling with six major issues in 2006 that present often-conflicting interests and that may need new ... Read Article
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