• Grid Reliability and Power Quality Solutions for the Digital Economy with the Virtual Power Plant

    Figure 1 Types of Energy Trading Exchanges (Source: AMR Research, 2000; courtesy of ENCORP, Inc. ©2000) See larger image The confluence of ... Read Article

    Internet Trading Exchanges To Drive Further Utilities Restructuring

    Key Term: Portals Defined A dizzying array of terms is used to describe the various online communities available to utility companies to ... Read Article

    Preface from PricewaterhouseCoopers

    We are delighted that you are about to read these pages, which we are confident will give you unique and timely insights ... Read Article

    Assault on the Citadel: The ISO Answers its Critics

    The thrust of the anti-ISO argument rests on two flawed and interrelated propositions: (1) that, incentivized by the profit motive and market-based ... Read Article

    Java Technology for Business Intelligence

    Figure 1 Typical infrastructure required for developing and deploying Business Intelligence applications See larger image Business intelligence makes the enterprise “smart.” Although ... Read Article
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