• Do Energy Companies Really Need To Customize Their Software?

    Introduction The energy industry continues to experience significant restructuring activities which are primarily changing the way energy delivery businesses (i.e., pipes and ... Read Article

    Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) Streamlines Operations with SAP’s R/3 Enterprise

    SAIC is a leader in systems design and integration, information security, IT outsourcing, and telecommunications networking and support, with more than 41,000 ... Read Article

    Setting a Target for Cost Reduction Programs

    Many believe cost performance is back, but we don’t think it’s ever been gone. One outcome of the California energy crisis has ... Read Article

    Managing Weather Risk

    Introduction The management of weather risk has moved to the forefront in recent years as corporate risk managers have sought to take ... Read Article

    Gaining Competitive Advantage Through Better Outage Management

    Introduction In recent years, power utilities have had major concerns about the issue of managing outages — especially unplanned ones caused by ... Read Article

    E-Energy: The Impact of the Internet on the Energy Industry

    Introduction Inconsistent regulations across states and lack of standards for independent energy transactions have created significant challenges and inefficiencies for the key ... Read Article

    Smart Metering Provides Competitive Advantages To Energy Service Providers

    Introduction For many years, meters had served only to measure the amount of kilowatts per hour being consumed, and the purpose of ... Read Article

    Are you delivering the information needed to fuel growth for your enterprise?

    A recent study of 153 cross-industry chief financial officers (CFOs) reveals that commercialsectorCFOs (those in manufacturing, high tech, transportation, retail and communicationsenterprises) ... Read Article

    Emerging Trends in Wholesale Power Marketing and Trading

    Background The physical nature of electricity imposes market constraints quite unlike those seen in other energy markets. With today’s technology, electricity storage ... Read Article

    The Future of Energy Retailing Trends

    A New Taxonomy The forces of change shaping the energy industry will combine with continued regulatory pressure to further fragment the industry ... Read Article

    A New Paradigm for Customer Care and Service in a Deregulated Energy Market

    Utilities have no experience with competition or strategies for winning customers when primarily dealing with a product like electricity or natural gas. ... Read Article

    Profitability Risk Assessment at Nuclear Power Plants Under Electricity Deregulation

    Measuring Nuclear Power Plant Performance in the 1990s With competition in electricity markets, here is concern that reliability and safety at nuclear ... Read Article

    E-Business in the Power Industry: Transforming the Competitive Landscape

    “You have to breathe all day to stay at your desk, don’t you?” Jack Welch, CEO General Electric Global market conditions for ... Read Article

    Global Trends in — and the Practical Effects of — Liberalization and Other Regulatory Approaches

    It is important to start by clarifying what is meant by my use of the term “liberalization.” To “liberalize” has a number ... Read Article

    The E-Market Imperative: Digital Transactions are Transforming the Energy Marketplace

    Although we can be certain that significant changes are coming to the energy marketplace, the crystal ball is cloudy as to the ... Read Article
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