• Advertiser and Network Responsibilities for What Others Say in Social Media

    As previously blogged about here, the FTC actively continues its assault on paid-for rankings, ratings and review websites. The FTC’s Endorsement Guides provide ... Read Article

    Five Disclosure Tips for Affiliate Marketers

    DISCLAIMER:  All content is for informational purposes only. Guidance is based on personal interpretations and in no way, represent legal advice. The ... Read Article

    Vergara Settles Social Media False Endorsement Lawsuit

    Actress Sofia Vergara recently settled a lawsuit that she initiated against beauty company Venus Concept for the alleged unlawful use of her ... Read Article

    Blue Ribbon Panel: Interview with Jackie Bates

    What are your two or three key performance marketing-related predictions for 2016? With a growing need for relationship-based, humanized marketing, we will ... Read Article

    Secrets of Social Media Conversion

    Social media traffic is cost-effective and highly scaleable but only if you know how to make it convert. The social media conversion funnel ... Read Article

    Why You Should Build A Social Distribution Site Today

    The teenagers of today are our future customers. And most of them don’t find websites very useful or interesting.  So, where do ... Read Article

    The Future of Performance Marketing: More Consolidation & Better Social Media Lead Generation

    Three seemingly disparate events this year — the closing of the Google Affiliate Network (GAN), Facebook introducing CPA buys and Twitter launching

    LinkConnector Merchant Offers Go Viral with the Network’s Newest Technology, Shareable Offers

    Press Release LinkConnector’s Newest Technology, Shareable Offers, Gives Consumers the Ability to Dynamically Share Offers from Affiliate Sites, Giving Merchant Offers and ... Read Article

    Forget About Clicks! Facebook Scrambles

    If someone asks you how well your ads work, answer a different question. Facebook is facing skepticism on how well Facebook Ads ... Read Article

    Facebook FBX Retargeting Ads Worth 3x More

      As Facebook’s new FBX exchange kicks into gear the networks brokering the inventory are reporting that the market rate for the ... Read Article

    Facebook Makes Its Mobile Move

    Facebook today began to allow its data to be used for targeting mobile advertising in apps and websites. This is an extension ... Read Article

    Achieving ROI With Social Media

    At a time when pretty much every organization or affiliate has a social media presence, it’s amazing how many don’t have any ... Read Article

    Let’s Call it ‘Anti-social’ Media

    I’m confused why we refer to this world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, MySpace, etc., as “social” media. From ... Read Article

    Twitter Might Be The Key To Mobile Performance Advertising

    Twitter could change the performance marketing sector if they only made self-serve, auction-priced advertising available. That would open up a massive audience ... Read Article

    Capitalizing on Fame

    Some say there’s no such thing as an overnight success. Others believe everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. I don’t know ... Read Article
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