• ShareASale: Size Doesn't Matter

    ShareASale.com founder and CEO Brian Littleton runs what is considered to be the fourth largest performance network in the United States. Littleton ... Read Article

    Merchant Advantage: eBay Partner Network

    In mid-March of 2008, eBay announced it would be transitioning away from having its massive affiliate program run by a network and ... Read Article

    Going Out Is In

    Companies are outsourcing affiliate managers to fuel online marketing programs. Former London-based freelance writer Rob Palmer knew he was on to something ... Read Article

    Affiliate Market Maturing

    The affiliate space is getting more sophisticated and complex, according to the findings of the AffStat 2006 Report, an annual study examining ... Read Article

    Educating and Informing Your Publishers

    As anyone managing an affiliate program knows, educating your network of publishers is a vital and often daunting part of building and ... Read Article

    Flipping the Switch

    Maybe your relationship with your network has soured. The reports are frequently late, revenue is down and your questions are not being ... Read Article

    A Show-Stopping Performance

    In times when change comes quickly, many things can keep online marketing managers up at night. The question is: What should keep ... Read Article

    The Overstock Obsession

    Every so often, there's a company, a person or a philosophy that attracts such a rabid following it can be only be ... Read Article

    Five Who Drive

    It takes a special something to be among the best in your field, especially when the field is as competitive as affiliate ... Read Article

    Bad Guerrillas

    The biggest mistake of all is launching an affiliate marketing program without knowing perception from reality.THE PERCEPTION is that you've been running ... Read Article

    Wanted: Affiliate Manager

    Here in the midst of the fearsome jobless recovery, one job remains hard to fill: affiliate manager.And nobody seems surprised. After all, ... Read Article

    Blair's Flair For Affiliate Marketing

    How did a 93-year-old company that got its start selling black raincoats to funeral directors by mail wind up as a big ... Read Article

    Guerrilla Affiliates

    Because you're reading Revenue, which is as focused upon affiliate marketing as you are, I doubt if I have to remind you ... Read Article

    No Free Lunch For Merchants

    It sounds like a no-brainer: Tap into a sales force of self-employed affiliates who'll handle everything from producing product information to Web ... Read Article

    What's Mary Kay Got To Do With It?

    One of the most common myths about the Internet is that this new-fangled technology makes business mysterious, complex or risky. The truth ... Read Article
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