• Perform[cb]’s New Mobile App For Partners Is A Game Changer

    Perform[cb]’s new mobile app for publishers and partners, PerformLEAP Partners, has drawn attention since its recent introduction. It provides ubiquitous access to ... Read Article

    Google Profits Down 20% As CPC Plummets 15%

      The day’s big news of Google’s precipitous drop in share price concealed the fact that Google’s average CPC is down 15% ... Read Article

    How To Rank 2nd For "Car Insurance" In 6 Months Flat

    Want to get the equivalent of $4million worth of paid search traffic per month to your site? Think Google knows how to ... Read Article

    Russia's Biggest Search Engine Yandex Up By 50%+

    Yandex, Russia's biggest search engine has not only just signed a real-time search deal with Twitter but has also released its results ... Read Article

    Yahoo's Traffic Plummeting

    The trend is clear: Yahoo's search traffic is on a steep decline. For the second month in a row, Yahoo lost significant ... Read Article

    Raising Your Score

    Over the last seven to 10 years, paid search has proven to be a cost effective channel for affiliates and performance marketers ... Read Article

    Lights, Cameras, Action!

    Raise your hand if you've heard of Blendtec. I bet you are familiar with Blendtec and I bet I know how you ... Read Article

    YouTube Should Get Down to Business

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau,there are nearly six million businesses in the United States. Think about the enormity of that number.That's ... Read Article

    Content vs. SEO

    Hamlet Batista, president and CEO of NEMedia, wants to change your content. He wants to change it so much that he can't ... Read Article

    Skinflint Search Marketing

    I admit it - I'm a skinflint. Call me a tightwad, a miser - I don't care. Basically, I'm cheap. And even ... Read Article

    Searching for Alternatives

    It was a cold night in Pennsylvania when Leila Crooks was on Digg.com, the community-based popularity site, and came across a story ... Read Article

    Search Wars

    Even though Google would prefer not to be a verb, the search giant is just that and more. To Google is to ... Read Article

    Search Marketing Is Direct Marketing

    When I say the word "marketing," what do you think of? Probably some kind of advertising - maybe a TV commercial for ... Read Article

    The Tangled Web of Link Spam

    In my last column, you were warned to "Never watch sausage being made," lest you find the process so unappetizing you'd never ... Read Article

    Spiders Don't Eat Spam

    It's the headline any search marketer would dread: "Google Bans BMW for Search Spamming." For well-known companies, such bad publicity is reason ... Read Article
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