• How AdWords Really Works

    Advertising on Google is still one of the staples of online marketing: pretty much everyone should kn

    New AdSense Interface Is A Lesson For Networks

    Yesterday was a big day for more than 2 million publishers: Google began the rollout of its new Google AdSense interface. The ... Read Article

    Headaches Ahead for Yahoo PPC Advertisers

    The Microsoft/Yahoo PPC alliance was always going to have teething troubles and give advertisers some headaches. We are gradually learning just where ... Read Article

    Top 5 Takeaways Re. Twitter's New Advertising Platform

    Twitter has made its move towards monetization and there are big opportunities for performance advertisers as a result.. In the last 48 ... Read Article

    Raising Your Score

    Over the last seven to 10 years, paid search has proven to be a cost effective channel for affiliates and performance marketers ... Read Article

    Content vs. SEO

    Hamlet Batista, president and CEO of NEMedia, wants to change your content. He wants to change it so much that he can't ... Read Article

    Lights, Cameras, Action!

    Raise your hand if you've heard of Blendtec. I bet you are familiar with Blendtec and I bet I know how you ... Read Article

    Skinflint Search Marketing

    I admit it - I'm a skinflint. Call me a tightwad, a miser - I don't care. Basically, I'm cheap. And even ... Read Article

    Search Marketing Is Direct Marketing

    When I say the word "marketing," what do you think of? Probably some kind of advertising - maybe a TV commercial for ... Read Article

    More Ways to Search

    Search powerhouse Google has ascended not only to the No. 1 starting place for most Web searches, but the name has become ... Read Article

    Overcoming Your SEO Fears

    Ask nearly everyone and they'll say that search engine optimization is intimidating. Search engine optimization - SEO for short - should be ... Read Article

    Google Hates Affiliates

    Back in January 2005 Google changed its Adwords policy to read, "We'll only display one ad for affiliates and parent companies sharing ... Read Article

    Search Marketers Target iPod Users

    Discover how your business can leverage podcasts before it's too late.Everyone's talking about podcasts, those audio files downloaded from the Web and ... Read Article

    Mining for Keywords

    Now that you've set up your search engine marketing campaign and it's chugging along nicely, how do you take things to the ... Read Article

    Analyze This

    Affiliates are capitalizing on the predictable behavioral patterns of consumers by using Web analytics tools to decode customers' habits and boost revenue.So ... Read Article
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