• Blue Ribbon Panel: Interview with Matt Frary

    1.       In five year’s time, will the [CPS or CPA] side of the performance marketing industry be bigger in the USA than ... Read Article

    Can A New Tracking Platform Change The Industry?

    Tom Dietzel’s CPAWay and Incentivize networks have made a lot of friends in the industry over the last couple of years. Now he ... Read Article

    Q&A with LinkConnector on Event and Cookie Attribution

    How does a merchant decide to apportion the credit for a sale? Should the commission be paid to the last affiliate who ... Read Article

    Revenue Performance Q&A with Pace Lattin

    Performance marketing is an industry full of interesting characters with rich back-stories, lots of ideas and a commitment to making things happen. ... Read Article

    Q&A with Chris Trayhorn and Blue Phoenix Network

    After Revenue Performance published the Top 20 CPA Networks and Top 20 Affiliate Networks, the blogosphere went into overdrive with reactions to ... Read Article

    Q&A: Peter Fader

    Peter Fader is the Frances and Pei-Yuan Chia Professor of Marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. His expertise ... Read Article

    Q&A: Larry Weber

    Larry Weber is chairman of W2 Group, a global marketing services ecosystem that helps CMOs in their new role as builders of ... Read Article

    Q&A: Alex Kormushoff

    As senior vice president of worldwide field operations at SPSS, Alex Kormushoff is responsible for leading the sales, services and marketing organizations ... Read Article

    Q&A: Gayle Guzzardo

    Gayle Guzzardo serves as chair of the lead generation committee of the Interactive Advertising Bureau. As senior vice president, product management, of ... Read Article

    Q&A: Scott Berg

    Scott Berg is responsible for working with HP's business units to establish a congruent global media strategy as it relates to traditional, ... Read Article

    Q&A: Mike Jacobs

    Mike Jacobs is chief services officer for iMarketing, an online marketing agency serving clients like Yahoo, Dow Jones, eMusic and AA RP. ... Read Article

    Q&A: Young-Bean Song

    Throughout his career, Young-Bean Song has been at the forefront of analytic research and development in digital marketing. He currently oversees The ... Read Article

    Q&A: Keith Pigues

    Keith Pigues is chairman of the board of directors for the Business Marketing Association International and a member of the Executive Leadership ... Read Article

    Q&A: Dennis Morrow

    As director of information architecture and usability, Mr. Morrow leads Web Associates' holistic approach to combining user interface design, human factors and ... Read Article

    Q&A: Joe Melanson

    In Mr. Melanson's role as Aquent's chief sales officer, he and his Enterprise Solutions team work with leading global companies to increase ... Read Article
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