• Fair Play: Q & A with Kellie Stevens

    Kellie Stevens is the president of AffiliateFair-Play.com, which is committed to providing a better understanding and interpretation of the behaviors that impact ... Read Article

    Guiding Lightly: Q & A with Anne Holland

    Anne Holland is the president of MarketingSherpa, which aims to help marketers advance by sharing real-world marketing data and hard-won lessons. The ... Read Article

    Taking A Stand: Q & A with Brian Littleton

    ShareASale is an affiliate network that has taken a hard stance on spyware, adware and parasite-ware by not allowing any downloadable applications ... Read Article

    Performance Powerhouse: Q & A with Steve Denton

    Earlier this year Steve Denton was named president of LinkShare, following the resignations of Chairman and CEO Stephen Messer and President and ... Read Article

    Full Steam Ahead: Q & A with Chris Henger

    Performics' new VP of affiliate marketing claims the industry is still growing and is fueled by performance-based marketing.

    Optimized for the Future: Q & A with Noah Elkin

    Noah Elkin is the director of industry relations at iCrossing, which was recently named Best Search Agency of 2005 by industry trade ... Read Article

    An Unbridled Love of Shopping: Q & A with Michelle Madhok

    Michelle Madhok has a lot of experience mixing content and commerce online. She has worked at CBS Broadcasting as a director of ... Read Article

    Look Ma, No Print: Q & A with Michelle Bottomley

    Traditional Madison Avenue advertising agencies have taken their share of lumps lately. More companies are spending bigger bucks to advertise online than ... Read Article

    Been There Done That: Q & A with Shawn Collins

    It's very difficult to find anyone in affiliate marketing better known than Shawn Collins, who earned his first commissions more than seven ... Read Article
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