• CX Digital Cyberplex Stock Tanks

    Following our new item yesterday about Yahoo! demanding repayment of $4.8 million for bad traffic, the market has had a chance to ... Read Article

    Infographic Of The Week: Are You Running Enough Tests?

    We all love a good infographic so in the first of a regular series we bring you our Infographic Of The Week: ... Read Article

    Top 5 Takeaways Re. Twitter's New Advertising Platform

    Twitter has made its move towards monetization and there are big opportunities for performance advertisers as a result.. In the last 48 ... Read Article

    OPM Consolidation As Schaaf Buys PartnerCentric

    Schaaf Consulting announced today that it has acquired PartnerCentric, creating one of the biggest outsourced program management companies in the industry. This ... Read Article

    Yahoo Kills Yahoo! Publisher Network

    Yahoo has announced that the Yahoo! Publisher Network (YPN) will be closed down effective April 30, 2010. In a remarkable decision, Yahoo ... Read Article

    39 April Fool's Day Hoaxes By Google

    Last year Google ran no less than 17 different April Fool's Day hoaxes. I have always loved that a company that has ... Read Article

    Twitter Feeding Frenzy Coming?

    Twitter reasserted itself this week with the publication of two pieces of data designed to blow people's minds and a rumor that ... Read Article

    Shock! Google Isn’t Infallible!

    It has become crystal clear over the last week that Google rushed the introduction of Google Buzz, did little or no external ... Read Article

    Google Kills Twitter

    Google killed Twitter today. With the launch of Google Buzz they ruthlessly attacked Twitter’s weaknesses and quietly set the scene for subsequent ... Read Article

    Fighting the Nexus Tax

    If you’re a performance marketer, you’ve probably heard of the “nexus” tax laws that are being proposed in several states (also known ... Read Article

    Drew's View

    Drew Ianni spends most of his time talking to the biggest names in performance marketing about the biggest trends. So, what’s his ... Read Article
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