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Klein Online (& Out-of-Line): Kick Fraud Out!

July 27, 2011


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The mThink/Revenue Performance team were kind enough to offer me an outlet for my opinionated self and perhaps also provide a nugget or two of value.  Those who know me understand that I am rarely bashful or quiet, but that said, allow me to bring to you Klein Online. 

I’d like to throw some thoughts out there on fraud. 

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FTC Aggression: Killing? Or Curing?

July 20, 2011


The jury is in. And the verdict is that performance marketing has to clean up its act.
Every week now we see evidence of the FTC’s newly aggressive approach utilizing a “master theory” about online marketing that they are applying across multiple verticals. EDU, health, beauty and financial services have been affected, but make no mistake: we are going to see it everywhere.

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Five Key Points On CA’s New Sales Tax

July 14, 2011

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Armageddon arrived two weeks ago in the fight against online sales taxes. California signed their version of the affiliate sales tax into law and Amazon, along with many other online merchants, responded by terminating their CA affiliate programs. But as the dust begins to settle, who are the winners and losers? And where does the affiliate marketing industry go from here?

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