• The Kids Are All Right – Are You the Problem?

    I have had the great pleasure, for the better part of the past seven years, to act like a kid, think like ... Read Article

    New Communications Approaches in Marketing

    The early part of the 21st century has witnessed an explosion in the number of media that marketers can employ to reach ... Read Article

    Overlap Matters

    Traditional wisdom says that cross-site duplication of online advertising is bad for business. And indeed duplication has traditionally been seen as redundant ... Read Article

    The Corporate Website: Five Strategies for Making Your Site More Relevant and Social

    Corporate marketing messages do not always reflect the market's perception of a product or service. The practice of "push" messaging was designed ... Read Article

    Web 2.0 and Marketing Strategy

    Addressing the Association of National Advertisers in 2004, Jim Stengel, chief marketing officer of Procter & Gamble, threw down the gauntlet. As ... Read Article

    Can You Connect With The Ad-Averse Segment Of Your Audience?

    Your advertising is invisible to a substantial segment of your audience. Intuitively, you know they're tuning out, but you need more than ... Read Article

    The Customer Advisory Board: A How-to Guide for The Internet Age

    Good market intelligence is imperative in today's increasingly competitive environment. Product segments are commoditizing; product life cycles are shortening; and with smart ... Read Article

    Think Liquid

    Regardless of technological change, the future of social media will be dictated by the community's rapid adoption of new media forms. Change ... Read Article

    Two Sides of Consumer-Generated Media: Listening and Participating

    Social media is providing marketers with an array of tools and opportunities that offer an unusual entrée into understanding the good, bad ... Read Article

    The New Pay-to-Play Model in the Blogosphere

    The old model of journalism is dying, at least online. Relationships between companies and media writers have been supplanted by a new ... Read Article

    Engage or Perish: The Choice Is Yours

    Like the Industrial Age, the Conversation Age (often referred to as Web 2.0) requires businesses to change and recognize that the status ... Read Article

    12 Essential Tips For Success in Social Media

    Whether you call it social media or consumer-generated content, there's no debate over the accelerating popularity of Internet sites and forums where ... Read Article

    A Firsthand Tale Of Adopting Web 2.0 Technology To Build Brand

    As marketing evolves into a two-way conversation that technology enables, it changes how we interact with customers and the value we offer ... Read Article

    The Power of Corporate Blogging: Some Guidelines for Doing It Right

    On May 31, 2006, The New York Times published an article by columnist Thomas Friedman that featured some pointed criticism of General ... Read Article

    The Rise of Social Sales and Marketing

    The jury is in. Evolution hasn't really caught up with humanity's highfalutin attitudes about our species' uniqueness. Less than 100 years ago, ... Read Article
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